Genshin Impact [BUILD] Potential Rosaria CRIT Rate Support Build for people with shitty sub stats rolls By: ASadChongyunMain


Hello everyone, today I am going to give you a walkthrough on how to maximize the CRIT Rate of the new upcoming character “Barbed Benevolence” Rosaria. This build focuses on Rosaria’s Ascension 4 Talent, which gives a maximum of 15% CRIT Rate to all party members should Rosaria’s CRIT Rate is at least 100%. Basically, you cast Rosaria’s burst to give everyone a CRIT Rate boost and then switch her out.

Most of us know who Rosaria is, she is the nun that we see in Albedo’s story. She also has a unique playable model that is leaked some time ago from Lumie_Lumie (a credible leaker), the post exploded some time ago because she has a boob size nerf (lol).

Jokes aside, she is going to be a playable character, rumored to come in 1.4. Most of her data and move set are available on Honey Impact:

Everything is subject to change, so please consider reading my post at your own risk. Now, let the show begin!



Ascension Talent 1: When Rosaria strikes an opponent from behind using Ravaging Confession, Rosaria’s CRIT Rate is increased by 12% for 5s.

Hey, that’s pretty good! An ascension passive that boosts CRIT Rate, a perfect ingredient that helps contribute to the CRIT Rate Build. But the 12% increase only has a 5s window, so we have to take advantage of it carefully.

Ascension Talent 2: Casting Rites of Termination (her Elemental Burst) increases the CRIT Rate of all nearby party members (except for Rosaria herself) by 15% of Rosaria’s total CRIT Rate by 10s. The CRIT Rate bonus cannot exceed 15%.

THIS. This talent right here is the sole reason why I decided to make a post about Rosaria’s CRIT Rate support build. Think about it, with a 100% CRIT Rate to spare, she will be able to give the 3 other members of your team a free 15% CRIT Rate, how cool is that? If this talent is true and not going to be changed, Rosaria will be the second character to give your team CRIT Rate as a support build. The first is the Geo Traveler. Unlike the Traveler, who gives a flat 10% CRIT Rate increase for everyone standing in his Elemental Burst area, Rosaria’s CRIT Rate increase scales with her own CRIT Rate, at a maximum of 15%. This is a huge factor to maximize your DPS. With this ascension talent, she can compete with S-Tier supports out there, like Bennett and Xingqiu.

So, with ascension talent 1 active, Rosaria currently has 17% CRIT Rate. (5% Base CRIT and Ascension Talent 1’s 12% increase). 15% increase of 17 % total CRIT Rate is nothing to write home about, as it is only a 2.55% total CRIT Rate increase. But I am going to elaborate further by moving on to the second thing that affects Rosaria’s CRIT Rate: Artifacts.


Recommended Set: Berserker 4-piece.

Ah, Berserker. A good artifact set that is good in mid-game to transitional end-game, beloved by most players. I bet there are even some of us who keep the 2-piece set to most characters because RNGesus never blesses us with CRIT Rate rolls and the thing we always get are DEF, HP, and more DEF. I know. Well, you do not have to worry any further.

Berserker 2-piece effect: increases CRIT Rate by 12%.

That’s pretty good. A considerable amount of increase. But wait, there’s more.

Berserker 4-piece effect: When HP is below 70%, CRIT Rate increases by an additional 24%.

Holy shit. 36% CRIT Rate increase. Now combined with the 17% CRIT Increase earlier, Rosaria now has 53% CRIT Rate, considering Rosaria’s HP is always below 70%. That’s pretty good considering that’s the sufficient amount of CRIT Rate that your average DPS needs. But she could even get more than that.

You are forgetting about the CRIT Rate Circlet. A 5* CRIT Rate circlet gives you a 31.1% CRIT Rate increase. Now, when we add up all the numbers that we have here, 53% + 31.1% equals 84.1% CRIT Rate. That’s surreal. Usually, you need to be blessed by gacha gods to have such godlike stats. But it is not the case here. This 84.1% CRIT Rate here is the total amount you got considering that you DO NOT have any CRIT Rate substat. No CRIT Rate food is needed, either!

The optimal main stat for Rosaria’s artifacts are as follows:

  • Flower – HP (must be Berserker’s set)
  • Feather – ATK (must be Berserker’s set)
  • Sands – Energy Recharge% (must be Berserker’s set; can be ATK% but you will be missing out on Energy Recharge, which is needed for her Burst)
  • Goblet – ATK%/Cryo DMG Bonus% (must be Berserker’s set)
  • Circlet – CRIT Rate% (can be any set, a 5-star circlet is needed)

Those I highlighted in Bold are the go-to for this build. Unlike most character who has the goblet as the off-piece, Rosaria’s off piece is the circlet. Why? Because Berserker is a 4-star set at maximum, so if you have a Berserker’s circlet, you only gain a maximum of 23.2 CRIT Rate bonus. That is an 8% CRIT Rate decrease from the usual 31.1% 5-star CRIT Rate circlet, which will hinder Rosaria’s CRIT boost potential. That is why the circlet must be the off-piece. You need to stuff as much CRIT Rate to Rosaria as possible.

As for the Sands. Rosaria needs Energy Recharge%. This is self-explanatory because Energy Recharge is what needed on most support. A +16 Berserker Sands gives a 34.8% Energy Recharge bonus, supposed it is a 4-star piece. And also suppose that you don’t have any rolls on Energy Recharge either, the total Energy Recharge for Rosaria will be 134.8%. That is pretty below average. But with her low-cooldown skill (6s cooldown) and mildly low-energy Burst (60), that is good enough to get her Burst ready most of the time. Optimally, I recommend using another Cryo character to give Energy to Rosaria, which I will later explain in the Team Comp section.


This is the list of Polearms that give out CRIT Rate bonus from either the weapon’s sub stat or the passive. You need to use any of them to maximize Rosaria’s CRIT boost potential.

  • Recommended for F2Ps: White Tassel (23.4% CRIT Rate Increase maximum)
  • Recommended for Low Spenders: Deathmatch (36.8% CRIT Rate increase maximum, a little overkill)
  • Recommended for Whales: Skyward Spine (16% CRIT Rate maximum, plus good Energy Recharge rate gives Rosaria more room to access Elemental Burst often)
  • Semi-recommended: Lithic Spear (21% CRIT Rate Increase maximum, cannot be 28% since Rosaria is from Mondstadt. You can use this to give her Burst more damage, but that’s it)
  • NOT recommended: Primordial Jade-Winged Spear (22.1 CRIT Rate Increase maximum, as I said before, you only use Rosaria to give CRIT boost to your team, so using this weapon on her is such a waste)

Royal Spear, even though its passive give the wielder a CRIT Rate increase for every attack, I doubt Rosaria would not score a CRIT hit with 84% CRIT Rate increase. Plus, the CRIT Rate bonus is removed if the wielder scored a CRIT hit, rendering the weapon useless.

Not counting the weapons, the current CRIT Rate that our Rosaria currently have if the following conditions are met is now 84.1%. (Lower than 70% HP for the 24% CRIT Rate increase from Berserker set, 12% CRIT Rate increase from Elemental Skill). When we add up the numbers, the results are as follow:

  • 107.5% CRIT Rate – White Tassel
  • 120.9% CRIT Rate – Deathmatch
  • 100.1% CRIT Rate – Skyward Spine, Refinement Rank 5
  • 105.1% CRIT Rate – Lithic Spear, Refinement Rank 5, 3 characters in the team must be from Liyue
  • 106.2% CRIT Rate – Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

With the total CRIT Rate listed above, Rosaria now have more than enough CRIT Rate than needed to give your team a 15% CRIT boost!


As I mentioned earlier, supposed you don’t have Skyward Spine and have a low energy recharge rate for Rosaria (134.8% is the maximum supposed you have no energy recharge rolls), you will need to pair Rosaria with Cryo characters to help her with Energy problems. Those I marked in bold are the recommended to pair with Rosaria.

  • Recommended: Kaeya

Kaeya is the best choice to pair with Rosaria. Low cooldown (6s) and having Energy Recharge% ascension stat, he will be the optimal battery to help Rosaria get access to her burst more often.

  • Recommended: Diona

Diona is also a good choice to pair with Rosaria. Like Kaeya, she also has a low cooldown (6s press), she can also help Rosaria with Energy Recharge problems, but not as efficient as Kaeya.

  • Semi-recommended: Chongyun

Big Chongus is also an okay choice to pair with Rosaria. Unlike the other two, his skill cooldown time is longer, so it is harder to regenerate Energy for Rosaria more consecutively. However, C2 Chongyun is pretty good considering everyone who cast their Skills and Bursts on his E’s has a 15% Cooldown on Skill and Burst, making it easier for Rosaria to spam her E more frequently. This is too situational, however.

  • Semi-recommended: Ganyu

Ganyu is also an okay choice, but not everyone has her. Unlike Kaeya, Diona, and Chongyun who get energy instantaneously, Ganyu has to wait for her taunt to break in order to gain energy. Her C1 also gives her another taunt charge which helps create more energy, but as I said, not everyone has Ganyu, not to mention having her C1.

  • Not recommended: Qiqi

As the only character who generates no energy, Qiqi is a terrible choice to pair with Rosaria. Even if one has Qiqi at C1, the Energy amount gained is pitiful. Plus, when Qiqi’s E hit an opponent, the character on the field will regenerate HP, invalidating the Berserker’s 4 set bonus (24% CRIT Rate increase if the wielder has lower than 70% HP)

Whew, that was a blast. I hope you enjoy reading my Rosaria build. Like I said earlier, everything is subjected to change. In the future, MiHoYo might make changes or tweaks on this character, invalidating my post’s calculations. In the case that if it’s true on the other hand, I hope this guide will help you in the future.


  • Rosaria is an upcoming character rumored in 1.4. Her leaked ascension passive has her casting Elemental Burst as a CRIT Rate boost support.
  • The maximum CRIT Rate Rosaria can dishes out to other characters is 15%, considering Rosaria has exactly 100% CRIT Rate. No more CRIT Rate bonus can be generated past 15%.
  • Without food buffs and CRIT Rate substat rolls, Rosaria CRIT Rate can exceed 100% using Berserker 4-piece, having lower than 70% HP, using a CRIT Rate circlet, and having a CRIT Rate bonus weapon.

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