Genshin Impact Building Bennett as a Support By: GotRed0nYou


Recently with more and more players reaching Floor 12 of the Abyss, Bennett has started to grow in popularity as he is one of the best supports in the game if you build him right. Being able to provide both healing and an ATK boost for a 12 second duration with just a 15 second cooldown is insane. To make it even better his burst only costs 60 energy so if we build him correctly it should always be available.

Normal Attack: Strike of Fortune – Don’t level this shit, we won’t be auto-attacking with him.

Passion Overload – You can level this if you want as it’s the only form of damage he will do outside of his burst, but we will mainly be using the uncharged version of this to generate energy when it’s off cooldown.

Fantastic Voyage – Bennett’s bread and butter and what makes him so godly as a support. This increases your party’s ATK by a percentage of his BASE ATK (not total) and heals them for a percentage of his Max HP plus a flat amount as long as they are within the aura. To get the most value out of this we want to build him with as much Base ATK, Energy Recharge, and Max HP as possible. At level 9 the ATK% is 95% and the healing is 10.2%+1174. At constellation 1 the 70% HP threshold is removed so that the ATK increase is always available and at constellation 6 this will change all normal and charged attacks to pyro as well as giving character that use a sword, claymore, or polearm a 15% Pyro Damage bonus. This is why he’s a Floor 12 godsend.

Weapons – The Skyward Blade is his best weapon due to being a 5* for the high base attack and providing him with Energy Recharge so we can spam his burst. The Aquila Favonia does have higher base attack, but the PHYS DMG% is completely wasted on him as a support. In terms of 4* weapons you want either the Sacrificial Sword or the Favonious Sword. Both provide him with Energy Recharge and both of the weapon effects can provide him with more energy. As for 3* weapons the only one with Energy Recharge is the Skyrider Sword, but I wouldn’t suggest investing resources into it and would instead just go with any other 4*.

Artifacts – His best set is going to be the Noblesse Oblige. The 4-piece set bonus gives your team a 20% ATK increase for 12 seconds (same time as his burst, coincidence?) and who doesn’t like more damage? The only other 5* set that really benefits him as a support is the Maiden set, but he already heals a ton so it’s not very effective. For main stats you’re going to want Energy Recharge on the Timepiece, HP% on the Goblet and Helmet. Remember, we are only using him to throw out his burst and then use his skill when it’s off cooldown to generate energy. ATK% will not benefit him as a support and the HP% will increase the amount of his heal. As for sub stats you are going to want as much Energy Recharge and HP% as you can get. The goal is to keep his burst up at all times and to heal for a significant amount.

General Gameplan – You want to aim for somewhere between 200-250% Energy Recharge (different team comps have different needs) and as much HP as you can get. His combo is pretty much just Burst-Skill-Swap and then swap back when his Skill is off cooldown or when his Burst is ready again. Ideally his Burst will always be available so that you only have 3 seconds of downtime. Also, try to position to where you can stay within the aura as much as possible (Venti’s Burst helps a lot with this).

And that’s pretty much it! Thanks for reading and I hope with this guide many more will be able to appreciate Bennett as the amazing support that he is.

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