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Genshin Impact Building Ganyu as Sub-DPS for Razor By: Kizaman



Ganyu is a powerful character, and many people are building her as a main DPS with a good reason. But if you, like me, are looking for a superconduct enabler who can help Razor to CLEAN HOUSE hopefully this guide will help. I’m going to recommend a few things for us that will be slightly different than what is being recommended for those using Ganyu as a sup-DPS/Cryo support for other characters. This is because I am (like you, probably) a Razor main, my whole team is built around Razor and my Razor is HEAVILY invested compared to my other characters, so I want to maximise his DPS.

The TL:DR is that we’re going to use 4-piece Noblesse Oblige, snapshotting on our other sub-DPS/support characters and a healthy dose of energy recharge to give our razor a never ending AoE play-pen of superconduct and a healthy damage boost.


Q>E>Basic attack. We will be using celestial shower as Ganyu’s main output, using trail of the Qilin regularly for energy generation and only using frostflake arrows to break electro fatui shields.


Other guides will recommend 2-piece Noblesse Oblige (20% Q damage boost) and 2-piece blizzard walker (15% cryo damage), which would work well, but as Razor mains we want to maximise Razor’s damage whilst he is on the field wolfing about, so we are going to use 4-piece Noblesse Oblige (20% Q damage boost, after using Q all party members get 20% attack boost).

The 20% attack boost for your whole party will not necessarily translate to a higher damage output than 15% more Ganyu Q damage, she hits like a truck with those ice shards, however, between how heavily invested our Razor is and a little trick called ‘snapshotting’ (explained further down) this set is going to give us (Razor mains) more damage.

Stat priority: Cryo damage > 150-180% energy recharge > Crit (1:2 rate:damage ratio, but don’t worry if your rate is a little low) > attack > everything else

the reason that I say don’t worry too much about having sup-par crit rate is that Ganyu’s ice sharts hit quite frequently, compensating somewhat for the low crit rate in practical combat.

Stat by artifact:

Feather: Attack

Flower: HP

Sands: Energy recharge

Goblet: Cryo damage

Circlet: Crit rate/damage


If you have 5* Bows I’m not going to tell you to leave them in the backpack, my (only part-tested) recommendations for 4* bows would be Sacrificial Bow, Favonius warbow and Stringless if you build enough ER. But you can make others work (don’t go throwing fates at the weapon banner unnecessarily!)


Sequencing Qs and Snapshotting: When characters in Genshin create a persistent object on the field it’s power is determined by their stats at the point at which the persistent object was created, examples include guoba and pyronado for Xiangling, Oz and Venti’s ult. In order to make best use of Snapshotting the 4-piece Noblesse oblige buff the optimum sequence of abilities is the following;

Party-wide buffs if you have any (bennet ult, for example) [switch to Ganyu] -> Ganyu E (for energy regen) -> Ganyu Q -> collect particles created by Ganyu E-> [switch to characters which create persistent objects] -> create persistent objects -> [switch to Razor] -> Razor go HAM

By using this sequence, you are left with a Razor who has (realistically) 6-10 seconds of Noblesse Oblige buff, all of the reaction causing/damage boosting objects that he needs and a giant play-pen filled with superconduct triggering ice shards. Superconduct lasts 12 seconds, so even factoring for the time that you will have Razor Q active your enemies should still have lowered physical resistance. If you were patient enough to collect Ganyu’s cryo energy particles before she left the field and generate enough particles through the rest of combat you should have enough energy to switch to Ganyu as soon as Razor’s Q is up, and start again. In a perfect world you will be able to line up the 15s cooldowns of both Ganyu and Razor Qs, but you have the 12s superconduct window as a grace period (though you are missing out on ice shard DPS)

I have enjoyed using Ganyu’s E-Q combo leaving me a short-distance back from the enemy, then using Razor’s E to leap back into the fray before activating Q and slapping enemies about, but I’m not going to confidently say that this is will lead to the highest theoretical DPS.

Team comps

Your team should consist of;

  1. a wolf boy

  2. Ganyu

  3. another sup-DPS which creates a persistent object for snapshotting

  4. a healer

Persistent object sup-DPS characters of note include;

  • Venti – Ganyu’s ice shards are only semi-random so will fall on the heads of grouped enemies, dealing mega damage, also Venti’s Q puts enemies at the perfect height for Lupical slaps. Venti gives you some extra energy recharge for Ganyu too if you follow the sequencing above, unreal multi-target team, when I use these two on quests Razor hardly gets a word in. 11/10

  • Fischl – between electro resonance giving you crazy energy regen and Oz dealing extra damage every time you trigger superconduct this is a dream team. 10/10

  • Xiangling – Overload knockback throwing enemies out of your celestial shower, but melt is obviously great and we love Guoba. 7/10

  • Albedo – I don’t have him but I hear he is Geo Fischl, so that’s probably good. Note you won’t be able to Q on cooldown with Albedo because you will be in wolf-mode. something/10

  • Zhongli – short Q cooldown is a shame, but shields rock so… shield/10?

Healers of note include;

  • Diona – Shields and Cryo resonance?! SIGN ME UP PLEASE (MiHoYo I’m serious, I don’t have Diona, please, sign me up)

  • Bennet – A pre-Ganyu buff and some melt, seems legit to me! make sure to Bennet ! before Ganyu so that celestial shower can benefit from snapshotting

  • Qiqi – Cryo resonance and more healing than you can deal with, no Diona but still very nice.

  • Barbara – The wet application from her E means some enemies in the ice field will wait patiently for Razor to come up and shatter them, realistically this is saving you from a few hits and it genuinely useful. Pople sleep on Barbara but she synergises well with Razor and Ganyu.


Please share your thoughts, criticisms and experiences below – I’d love to refine this guide if I can!


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