Genshin Impact Character Signature Weapons list Revamped + non-playable character bonuses By: Tnvmark


A long while back before patch 1.2, I did a list in attempting to identify every character in the game that has their own signature weapon (weapons that they use in different forms of media such as character art, character demos, collected miscellanies, cutscenes, etc.). Now with more characters available, and more dedicated research, I like to give this another go but this time, also including some other characters not playable but uses specific weapons in lore.

Traveler: Silver Sword/Prototype Rancour/Sword of Descension (PS4 Exclusive)/Festering Desire

Amber: Hunters Bow/Favonius Warbow

Kaeya: Cool Steel/Favonius Sword

Lisa: Magic Guide/Favonius Codex

Barbara: Magic Guide/Favonius Codex (I’m not sure I should include Thrilling Tales of the Dragon Slayers as I don’t see her using it on official media)

Razor: Old Merc’s Pal/Ferrous Shadow (Haven’t seen a single instance of Razor using Wolf’s Gravestone so I’m not including that weapon)

Xiangling: Iron Point/White Tassel/Dragon’s Bane

Beidou: Blackcliff Slasher

Xingqiu: Silver Sword/Prototype Rancour

Ningguang: Twin Nepherite??/Prototype Amber??/Solar Pearl?? (She’s one of the most difficult ones since there’s barely any shred of her using a weapon in action officially, so those are my 3 guesses)

Fischl: Amos’ Bow

Bennett: Harbinger of Dawn

Noelle: Favonius Greatsword

Chongyun: Prototype Archaic?? (Another just about impossible character to identify a weapon, so Archiac is probably my best guess, due to reflecting on Xingqiu’s weapon)

Sucrose: Magic Guide/Favonius Codex/Frostbearer?? (would that count since Sucrose was in Dragonspine)

Jean: Favonius Sword/Aquila Favonia

Diluc: Bloodtainted Greatsword/Favonius Greatsword

Qiqi: Prototype Rancour

Mona: Eye of Perception

Keqing: Lion’s Roar

Venti: Skyward Harp

Klee: Favonius Codex/Royal Grimoire

Diona: The Stringless

Tartaglia: Rust (excluding all of Childe’s weapons made from Hydro + Foul Legacy)

Xinyan: Blackcliff Slasher

Zhongli: Vortex Vanquisher

Albedo: Favonius Sword/Royal Longsword/Sacrificial Sword

Ganyu: Amos’ Bow

Xiao: Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

Hu Tao: Staff of Homu (surprised the weapon was announced first before her)

Rosaria: Favonius Lance (most likely)


Skyrider: Skyrider Sword/Greatsword

The Gladiator (Gladiator’s Finale): Deathmatch

Bloodstained Knight: The Black Sword

Viridescent Venerer: The Viridescent Hunt

The Skipper (Heart of Depth/Tales From the Waves): Serpent Spine

Wanderer’s Troupe: The Flute/The Stringless/The Widsith/The Bell

Blizzard Strayer: Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Amos: Amos’ Bow

Vanessa: Aquila Favonia

Knight of Boreas (Varka maybe?)/Lupus Boreas: Wolf’s Gravestone (This blade was originally owned by the Knight of Boreas but was given to the North Wind after his companion has fallen. This weapon, well not used by the Dominator of Wolves is instead interacted with to challenge him to a sparring match)

Dvalin: Skyward Blade (according to the weapon’s description, it’s apperently Dvalin’s Fangs that he used to defeat Durin so I guess that counts?)

Guizhong: Memory of Dust

Knights of Favonius: Favonius Weapons

The Millelith: White Tassel/Halberd

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