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Genshin Impact Childe First Impressions and Character Guide Highlights By: Not-Casuals


Hey everyone, so after getting so many questions about the new character, Childe or Tartalia, on my livestream tonight, I decided to make a quick first impressions guide video.

So my first impression is that he is an absolutely amazing Carry Character, probably on par with Diluc Klee and Keqing. He is quite complicated and will require a lot of testing to figure out his best team comps and combo, but Vaporize is going to be his main source of big burst damage, so bringing a fire support character such as Xiangling or Bennett is going to be very important.

His main strength is fast attacks as well as crazy burst and AoE damage. the way this character works is all based on him applying a debuff called Riptide on enemies, which will then cause that debuff to trigger AoE Hydro Damage in many ways. In ranged form, this works only by doing aimed shots, while in melee form, the damage will be proc’d by all normal and charged attacks. I will be going into more details about this in my actual character guide that I will release later this week!

For weapons, due to Childe’s heavy reliance on Critical Strikes in melee form to apply his Riptide effect, the best bows for him will be the ones who provide Critical Hit chance, followed by the ones that give Critical Damage, and lastly, the ones that give Atk. which means that His best weapon by far is the Skyward Harp with an honorable mention to the BP Bow as well.

As far as artifacts are concerned, 2-Piece Noblesse Oblige and 2-Piece Gladiator seems to be the best combination, boosting both his Atk stat and his Ult damage which is a huge part of Childe’s damage

You will want to make sure to have ATK on the Sands, Hydro Damage on the Goblet and Crit or Crit Damage on the Circlet

His most important Constellations are going to be 1-2 and 6. The first Constellation reduces the cooldown of his Melee Stance by 20%, the second Constellation gives him energy everytime he defeats a monster, and his 6th Constellation basically makes his melee stance have no cooldown at all.

So far in my testing, he is an absolute beast at clearing the Abyss. The more monster density, the better for him, and he seems to scale extremely well. At World Level 6, he melts almost everything with ease, and feels much stronger than my very powerful Diluc. I am excited to test him more and figure out even stronger combos and team comps!

Let me know what you think of Childe so far and what combos you think are best for him in the comments as I am eager to learn more!


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