Genshin Impact Childe Guide – In-depth Analysis on Frames, Talents, Artifacts, Weapons, and Team Composition By: windrangertv


Full video:

It’s a very straightforward 8m24s video no bs that goes into great detail to cover all of the topics listed in the title from my point of view…it’s also uploaded in 4K.

Summary: Childe is the most overpowered character in the game right now in my opinion.

  • Has extremely high skill damage multipliers…higher on average than any character that are out,

  • His bow form normal attacks is calculated to be 166 frames, or 2.77 seconds (60 fps),

  • He does more normal attack DPS than a Keqing or Jean w/ level 8 normal attack talent despite being a ranged character w/ level 7 talent,

  • Childe can trigger multiple Riptides in a single hit (proof provided in video),

  • Constellation level 4 Riptide AOE damage is entirely automated every 4 seconds and independent of the Riptides triggered by Childe

  • Constellation level 6 enables him to permanently stay in melee form, changing the way how he can be played entirely

I spent 9 hours putting this video together overnight. I’m still new using Photoshop and After Effects, so please provide me feedback as it’ll be greatly appreciated. As always, if you found the video helpful, please be sure to like and subscribe. It’ll help me greatly as a sprout.


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