Genshin Impact “Childe” Tartaglia Character Analysis & Build By: InformalGamer2709

r/Genshin_Impact - "Childe" Tartaglia Character Analysis & Build

I made a Character Analysis & Build Guide for Childe aka Tartaglia! I want to eventually compile an analysis and build for all the characters within the game. If you want to collaborate, let me know!

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Tartaglia, often referred to as his code name Childe, is a Hydro Bow-user from the nation of Snezhnaya. As the 11th of the Eleventh Harbinger of Fatui, he is honed in the art of war and manipulation. You first meet him in the story while running away from soldiers in Liyue Harbor. Childe’s current duties involve handling the banking affairs for the Fatui within the city, but that is just a coverup for his other plans to find the hidden power of the Geo Archon. He manipulates the player and Paimon into traveling all over Liyue to gather information for his benefit.

As a fighter, Childe can be versatile with the ability to change between long-ranged and close-ranged combat. He serves best as the main DPS of the team as he has one of the best elemental burst damage output in the game. His normal auto-attack can perform 6 shots that increase in damage with each git. Childe’s gimmick is all about marking the enemies with the Riptide effect and dealing AoE Hydro DMG to them overtime. This niche makes Tartaglia’s charged shot incredibly powerful charged shots. Every charged shot you hit an enemy will apply the Riptide effect, which will deal Hydro damage when you hit them with another charged attack. Childe also has the ability to spread that effect around when an enemy is defeated with the Riptide effect. His bow stance works best when taking on just one enemy or to deal the finishing deal to spread Riptide to other enemies. A big con of Riptide is that his regular attacks don’t deal increased damage from its effect. In situations where you don’t have time to fire charged attacks, Tartaglia’s DPS potential goes down.

Childe is currently the only character that has two elemental bursts. He has one for both his bow stance and melee stance. When in his bow stance, he shots arrows that apply Riptide and restores some of your energy. This skill is perfect for larger groups of enemies, so you can apply Riptide to all of them at once. I recommend switching right into his melee stance immediately right after to activate the Riptide Slash. In his melee stance, he does a powerful hydro slash that will also deal increased damage to enemies with the Riptide effect. This elemental burst has the highest damage multiplier in the game. The base skill power at level 1 is 464% but can easily reach over 700% by leveling up the skill. Compare this to Diluc, the best Pyro unit in the game, and his elemental burst only starting at a bast of 204%. Childe can easily rip enemies apart with his elemental burst alone and makes for a great finishing move.

Childe can also work great in co-op with his main gimmick of charged attacks. Other players can keep the enemy busy while Childe has time to charge his arrows. With the ability to attack close or long-range, players using Childe can also take the more aggressive approach and handle the enemies himself. The shields of the Pyro Abyssal Mages or the Pyro Regisvine will no longer be a problem with Childe’s ability to deal hydro damage.


r/Genshin_Impact - "Childe" Tartaglia Character Analysis & Build

This build focuses on Childe’s charged attack and critical rate chance. The Skyward Harp is an excellent choice as a weapon due to its increased critical chance and damage due to its ability. The harp is also a 5-star weapon making it one of the strongest bow in the game.

You can also use The Viridescent Hunt if you have it from the battle pass. It generates a cyclone that will pull enemies in and also deal damage based on his ATK. This makes it easier for Childe to apply Riptide and spread it around. This weapon also works in his melee stance as well.

For his artifact set, I recommend using the Wanderer’s Troupe if you plan on using his charged attack frequently. This set works well with niche and is more of a long-ranged build and not recommended for close combat. If you want a more DPS built, you can also replace this set with a Gladiator’s Finale or Noblesse Oblige.

DPS Build

r/Genshin_Impact - "Childe" Tartaglia Character Analysis & Build

This set works well with Childe’s high DPS potential and can deal some heavy damage to all enemies. You won’t have to worry about aimed shots as much, as you will want to be in this melee stance for most of the time. This set works best in small bursts, due to Childe’s cooldown, but can rip apart an enemy’s health.

The Rust is the perfect weapon for a DPS build due to its increased damage. However, it lowers his charged attacks. You will only need to use aimed shots to apply the Riptide effect, so it isn’t a big disadvantage. You can also use the Amos’ Bow, which is a 5-star weapon, so it might be harder to obtain than the Rust.

For this artifact set, I recommend a split between the Gladiator’s Finale and the Noblesse Oblige. This will increase both Childe’s attack and elemental burst, making it even more powerful. With this set, Childe’s melee stances become a lot more powerful, but his bow stance will become more of a hindrance.

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