Genshin Impact Childe / Tartaglia Simple and to the point By: projectwar


Video guide:

Hi, just a small quick guide to Childe, a unique and rather powerful unit that requires a bit of know how to take complete advantage of. ofc there’s many guides already but hopefully this cuts out the fat a bit for a fast read (or fast watch, vid is 8 min long with examples of every talking point).

Childe – Burst Type DPS

Long E CD prevent him from being a main DPS, as melee stance (E) last only 30 seconds at most, and afterward will go on a cooldown for 10-45 seconds, depending on when you switch back to bow mode. if you fail to switch back after the 30 seconds, you get the penalty time of 45 sec CD.

Thus, recommended to have a good sub dps in team, so when childe’s on CD, you can use the sub to deal dmg in his place.

C6 Childe ignores this as it can reset the CD of his E. So C6 Childe can be main dps. Whales stay winning.

Riptide Debuff

Childe’s skills can cause riptide a debuff on enemies that trigger aoe hydro explosions depending on factors. it can be triggered several ways

  1. Fully charged bow shot

  2. E-burst (Q) while in bow mode for aoe riptide debuffs

  3. killing enemies with riptide spreads riptide to nearby enemies

  4. ascension talent unlock makes melee stance crits trigger riptide


melee stance attacks count as normal attacks, so effects effecting normal or charged attacks also effect the melee attacks. but modifiers are low, so generally better to do 1-2 hits than charged attack, and repeat.

For domains or prolonged fights, its recommended to end his melee timer shorter so you can switch out more often for reactions. simply fighting the full 30 seconds is usually a total loss of dps, (exception boss fights that last so short anyhow).

His E-burst (Q) is strongest skill, similar to mona, so capable of 100k+ dmg with reactions like Vaporize. Using Q in bow form spreads riptide and gives 20 energy back. Using it in melee pops riptide and deals more dmg.


  1. Either 5 Star Bow. skyward has crit chance but has nearly useless skill as melee and q are all hydro elements.

  2. Rust bow. boost critD and normal attack dmg but a big chunk. no effect on Q dmg tho

  3. Stringless buffs Q

  4. Sacrifical has ER for faster Q’s

  5. Blackcliff Warbow is nice in domains

  6. Slingshot only used for crit chance. same for viridiscent bow.


  1. Noblisse 2pc

  2. Gladiator/berserker/gamblor 2pc

Timepiece = Atk % / Energy recharge
Goblet = Hydro dmg %
Crown = Crit D (unless you need Crit C to stay above 50-60%)

Substats – CritC > ER > Crit D > Atk% > EM (CritC on every piece)


Tart – x fire unit – Bennett – Sucrose (meme one shot team)

Tart – QiQi/Diona – Keaya/Diona – Venti/Sucrose (Frozen team, great CC)

Tart – Fischl – Xiang – Barb/Bennett (standard all stars)

Summon? Very strong unit but it’s obvious he’s a bit quirky. you’ll have to build around him rather than just slapping him in a team like most other units. But if you put the effort in, he can be great. Put the money in, and he’s super saiyan tier. that’s the guide, hope it helped. video visualizes everything read here, w/commentary. thnx for reading/watching~

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