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Genshin Impact Chongyun Main DPS Melt Mechanics Guide By: shdwb1d


Chongyun Main DPS Melt Mechanics Guide


Introduction: 0:00

Chongyun Viability Discussion: 0:47

Melt Damage Showcase: 1:41

Elemental Reactions Explanation: 2:17

Introduction to Internal Cooldowns of Chongyun and Reaction Mechanics: 2:46

Comparison with Shattered: 3:55

Explanation of Elemental Sources: 4:08

Introduction to Chongyun Melt Comp MainDPS: 5:40

Bennett Introduction as Support: 5:50

Attack Pattern/Combo: 6:20

Comprehensive Melt Mechanics: 6:57

Limitations of Attack Pattern/Combo: 10:26

Build Recommendations: 10:55

Melt Text ICD: 12:03

Artifact: 12:37

Elemental Burst Combos + Additional Artifact Recommendations Accordingly: 13:29

Closing Video: 15:44-16:32

Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRKY2M6h14OeNarMmCOoO1iGAOZ_mWP-hDs_NNRC_mEk43jqsFfDY0ZLgN5EnF_RW9SqLjKRwSHLows/pub

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while and I left you off with my Chongyun Energy Recharge Calculator. Sorry again as I have been busy with IRL stuff. I’d also like to start off and say thank you for your responses to the poll I put out a couple of day ago.📷Now, you may be wondering about the title of this video. Hey, this is not a Shattered video? What’s the deal. Well, I’d like to point out that although I did say I would be focusing on these topics, I’d first like to discuss Chongyun’s viability in general.Here is a look at Razors values. We have here 113% – 187% skill multiplier for his basic attacks and 278% skill multiplier for his burst on a 5-second cooldown. To put that into perspective, Chongyun’s basic attack multiplier goes from 91.75% – 147.13% while his skill multiplier is 240.86% on a 15-second cooldown. Based on that, we can see the difference between an ideal DPS aka Razor aka lowest S-tier character, and Chongyun an A-tier character arguably B-tier in certain scenarios and team compositions. Now you may be wondering, hey shadow, why are you making Chongyun look so bad? Or even say “don’t compare our Popsicle to another character.”Don’t worry, I’ve come to research Chongyun well aware of his limitations as a character and have exhausted almost all possibilities in terms of making him viable.

This is why I want to direct your attention to the idea of MELT. Most people who play Chongyun enjoy running a Shattered team composition where Chongyun shatters a frozen enemy dealing additional physical damage that scales of elemental mastery, character level, and enemy resistance. This is one of the many transformative reactions and has considerable base damage when we look at the graphs of base damage of transformative reactions coming in second excluding double proc electrocharged. However, Shattered has its limits due to the frequency at which we can perform the reactions. In order for Chongyun to perform a shattered reaction, he must FREEZE the enemy with one hit and Shattered the enemy with another hit. That is equivalent to 2 hits used in his 4 basic attack combo. Moreover, there is an internal cooldown or ICD on all skills. On all skills that apply an element on an enemy. We can easily observe this through Chongyun hitting an anemo-hypostasis or any mob that carries an innate elemental aura. Where all his 4 basic attacks DO NOT create a reaction. Note: Reactions have no cooldown. The cooldown is within the character Chongyun. Now, this is because infused cryo attacks is considered as one source of cryo. Other sources include his E, and his A4 talent, and each of his elemental burst icicles that drop down has their own source. I’ll give you guys time to internalize that.So to conclude that statement, since his E, A4 Passive, and Q act as its own source, those are skills that can freeze enemies regardless of ICD because they have none. However, the shattered reaction will only do a fixed amount of damage and can’t critical hit.

Meanwhile, another form of reaction is multiplicative reactions which include melt and vaporize. Now for those uneducated players who argue “melt is just a 150% dmg amplification”. And yes, that is true, however, since his E, A4 Passive, and Q (each icicle), act as its own cryo source and are not dependent on internal cooldowns of his infused auto attacks, Melt suddenly becomes a viable team composition to run. To add to that, melt reactions are simply better in terms of damage as they scale off how hard you hit. An example would be if I hit for 1,000 with my E skill on a pyro target causing me to melt for 150%, the melt damage would be 1,500. If that E skill crits with a 100% critical damage, that would cause your damage to go to 3,000. Effectively a 3* multiplier to your damage.Ok so now you may be wondering, well if we can do that damage, how would we actually perform it? Isn’t it easier to apply pyro on cryo than cryo on pyro given Chongyun’s E conversion. TL: DR of that is his E increases the frequency of cryo attacks than pyro. Well, you are right in that but in here, I have listed the attack pattern you must perform in order for Chongyun MainDPS in a melt comp. Note: if you do plan on running a Melt comp where Chongyun is MainDPS, YOU NEED A BENNETT. I won’t stress this enough Bennett makes Chongyun melt viable, without him, the argument of Chongyun being weird to play is true. Bennett also provides really good synergies when you run him support 4 piece Noblesse Oblige. Okay so here is the attack pattern based on testing I recommend and will be using as reference for the rest of the video.

Bennett E

Chongyun E (MELT)




Bennett E





Bennett E








Now let’s go over this attack pattern. You may be wondering, why is there two consecutive melts in the beginning? Why are there 6 melts for 3 Bennett E’s? Why Why Why?! Well to answer your question, as we have discussed in a previous video regarding mechanics, if you apply Strong Pyro elemental gauge on an enemy, you can essentially apply 2 or even up to 4 melt reactions depending on the rate at which you apply cryo. Now that is the TL:DR of it. If you want to skip the explanation behind that I suggest skipping around this time marked on your screen but if you want to listen to me discussing the mechanics behind it, stick around. Now that the normies have gone. Lol. So for multiplicative reactions, When doing a 1.5x damage reaction, the first element applied can remain on the target. In general, these reactions will reduce a specific amount of the duration, depending on if they have a weak or strong elemental gauge. A strong elemental gauge is referred to a skill or attack that applies an element for around 12 seconds while a weak is generally around 9 seconds. Refer to the diagram provided on the screen. Data here is taken from the Keqing Mains Discord Server which was translated from CN testers and others. For 1.5x reactions, when using a strong followed by a strong, the duration of the initial element is reduced by ~7.5s. An example of this would be Kaeya E on Bennett E. 12s – 7.5s = 4.5 seconds remaining on the cryo element. This means you can potentially cause up to two 1.5x reactions in a row if there’s still time remaining on the initial element. Now in the case of Chongyun, when using a strong followed by a weak, the duration of the initial element is reduced by ~3.7s. This means you can potentially cause up to 3 (or 4 if you apply 4 different weak in <1s) 1.5x reactions in a row this way. So if we base it of Bennett, his E skill, sets gauge to 12 seconds, each cryo hit and skill reduces it by 3.7 seconds. This is why we can proc multiple reactions because there is still a lingering pyro elemental aura on the enemy. This is shown on screen. Now, if we take this concept from earlier, you can apply this to his elemental burst as we stated previously each icicle acts as its own source able to create independent reactions. So if we do a little bit of math = 12- 3.7 – 3.7 – 3.7 = 0.9 seconds of elemental aura remaining on target. Meaning C6 has a 0.9-second window to proc the 4th melt reaction. The significance of this is that we can proc 3 Melt Reactions with our burst with strong pyro and 2 reactions if we are using a weak on weak as it is reduced by 5.7s. So if we were to run Xiangling + Chongyun, we can only do maximum of 2 melts with Chong Q rather than 3 with Bennett E (tap).

So yeah, TL: DR 3 melts strong pyro 2 melts weak pyro. Now going back to our attack pattern, this is tested really with no hit lag meaning shields and other larger mobs could disrupt this combo. Also, I’d like to add this is not an accurate representation of switches but represents the general rule as different knockbacks and attacks may cause you to reposition. This is taken over a period of roughly 15 seconds. Now that we have explained the rotation and mechanics. We will take a look at builds.

For Bennett support, we want to run primarily energy recharge on our hourglass, energy recharge on our weapon be it favonious or sacrificial, and go pyro dmg bonus%, atk% for his goblet, and healing bonus% to boost his heal on his circlet. His Q ATK% bonus scales of Bennett’s basic attack so getting him high leveled with weapons leveled is a priority over leveling his artifacts. Artifact priority goes Energy Recharge first followed by either DMG or Healing depending on what your team is lacking and your overall survivability. I recommend Bennett to be given more field time if you have him post level 60 ascension for him to recharge his burst and when you have his artifacts and talents leveled, use him as secondary DPS while in his ultimate after the Bennett Q + Chongyun Q combo to take advantage of the CDR. For Chongyun melt MainDPS, you want to run 4 piece gladiators or 4 piece lava walkers to take advantage of the dmg% bonus being applied to Chongyun’s elemental skill and elemental burst as well. Chongyun’s strength lies in his elemental burst which brings me to the conclusion that depending on if you can maintain your pyro aura on enemies, 4 piece lava walkers are better. However, this can be problematic as innate aura mobs may dispel the pyro aura making this setup favor 4 piece gladiators. You want to run your standard ATK% / Cryo Bonus DMG% / and Crit-rate or Crit-dmg following the 1:2 ratio respectively. At a min-max perspective if you hit all criteria, having around 180-200 EM is where the highest DPS ideal based on testing done by Keqing Mains theorycrafter Hail. However do take this with a grain of salt as it can vary depending on character skills and this was not tested specifically for Chongyun. This is a ballpark value and so yea.

I also recommend bringing in Viridescent Venerer support to cryo-swirl and boost your elemental burst combo with Bennett. Now that we know the artifacts and what to run let’s move on to combo’ing your elemental burst.

We want to first apply Cryo with Chongyun’s infused auto or E, switch to sucrose or venti, cryo swirl that, switch to Bennett, press his elemental burst, then swap back to Chongyun instantly and perform his elemental burst. You can also weave in a pyro swirl if you have sucrose for additional dmg from that specific reaction. Here is a video provided by DAXDev, one of the members in our Chongyun Mains community who arguably has one of the better builds on Chongyun.Now that you see the big numbers, let me point out that although Chongyun is treated as a MainDPS in this scenario, he is nowhere near in terms of damage from his basic attacks compared to other carries. This is why treating Chongyun, not as a MainDPS, rather a Sub-DPS or burst DPS is what I would do once I fix up my Bennett. However, you can still run Chongyun as a MainDPS as I have shown here. I’d like to add, for Chongyun pure burst support, you want to go 4 Piece Noblesse Oblige. For Chongyun burst DPS like I stated here, you want to run a variation of 2 piece gladiators 2 piece noblesse oblige. And for those Lavawalkers peps, no, lava walker on Chongyun as burst DPS is not the best and does less damage than the 2 piece glads 2 piece noblesse oblige set.That concludes the video explaining the MELT.

I will be putting out a video on a DPS calculator for this melt specific build along with a DPS calculator for shattered so you can compare yourself the damage comparisons.I’d like to end by saying Thank you for sticking around the entire video and if you enjoyed the video, please consider liking the video and subscribing as I put a lot of effort to create this video and do the research on Chongyun. Being one of the only Chongyun theorycrafters/researchers does limit the extent of my research as I am not an expert in certain aspects which include frame-data and DPS analysis based on that. My methods are more simplistic and based on t = seconds so yeah.


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