Genshin Impact Clearing Floor 3 of Spiral Abyss with Noelle, Traveler, Lisa, and Kaeya By: rookierook00000


My only goal at the moment in the Spiral Abyss is to get Xiangling. However, most of the guides I find require you have a specific set of characters and equipment. This made me wonder if it is possible to get Xiangling using just Aether/Lumine, Noelle, Lisa, Kaeya, and Amber (I do not know if Barbara is a guaranteed character you can get like Noelle, as I managed to draw her in my first two Gachas)?

The short answer is yes, but it is not easy. In fact the difficulty getting through the floors with the above requires you are at least skilled to get through games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. Unfortunately, I am not that skilled, but I managed to pull it off somehow.

In any case, my personal setup is the following (all with their Character and Weapon Levels at 40, Artifacts at least Level 4 or higher, and assuming Barbara is not available in your party):

* Noelle with Ferrous Shadow and Traveling Doctor Set

* Aether/Lumine (Anemo) with Sword of Descension and Berserker Set

* Lisa with Magic Guide and Instructor Set

* Kaeya with Harbinger of Death and Adventurer Set

With Noelle as your main, you can activate her Elemental Charge as soon as the challenge begins to get shields up. Then switch to Lisa to shock everyone, followed by Kaeya to freeze, then Aether/Lumine with Windblade.

If you can gather the enemy within close proximity, you can then start using Elemental Bursts to land AoE hits. I first use Aether’s Anemo Elemental Burst, then as they are flying, switch to Lisa for an added shock damage. Another is get Noelle’s Shield up, then use her Elemental Burst and hack away, increasing the chance to heal your party with each hit.

By Floor 3, you’re facing enemies that are Level 45. As I can’t get the materials needed to ascend my party past Level 40, it means the enemy gets a nasty high DEF. This is where you need to time your sprints to avoid getting hit, while being mega aggressive on landing hits as quickly as possible and spamming your Elemental Charges and Bursts. Keep Noelle’s Shield up to get minimum damage and possible healing.

In the end, I cleared all three Floors and get Xiangling, but unable to clear all the stars to unlock Floor 4. So I guess the next challenge would be clearing them again and getting all those Stars. Of course, if you have better 4-star or even 5-star characters and weapons, then by all means, use them instead, But if you are among the few who have a really bad luck with your party (especially PS4 owners, as they can’t reroll), then hopefully this may help you get Xianling.

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