Genshin Impact Complete Zhongli Guide | This took me so long to make but I’m extremely happy none the less! By: The_Immersive_Fish



Basis of the video:

After looking through a lot of the videos relating to Zhongli post buff I thought I’d take a shot at making something myself to fill in where information was missing. 120 Hours of editing later, I finally managed to produce something that I think is genuinely helpful.


2:32 – Adjustment break down going over how the applied changes actually affect Zhongli

3:08 – Comparison of Auto Attack performance pre and post buff

3:44 – Changes to how the elemental skill works as well as the additional effects it now provides

4:31 – Information regarding the overall DPS gain from Resistance shred including and excluding Geo Resonance

6:12 – Breaking down the HP% vs ATK% debate with mathematics shown to better show the benefits of HP%

8:27 – Main Carry build details and base line performance

10:41 – Hybrid DPS build details and base line performance

12:05 – Support focused build details and base line performance

Anyway, thanks for checking out what I have to say and I hope to hear back from you all, constructive and non-constructive criticism is always welcome.

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