Genshin Impact Comprehensive Guide and Overview By: Chongyun


This is a complete overview of every character in game and how their element matches with their personality. Vision users have the elements they do for personal reasons, and it has to do with their character and motivations.

How characters get visions can vary. I believe a regional Archon can bestow a vision, and then it will resonate with the individuals own element based on who they are. I also believe an Archon can specifically bestow their element on to someone from a different region. I also know that old visions can resonate with new users; such as Ningguang’s case.

However, I want to discuss why they have the element that they do personally; not how visions are created or bestowed. I’ve seen many others attempt this, but most have not been concise enough for my liking. If you enjoy any part of this please leave an upvote.

First up


Pyro: Passionate and Persuasive

The simplest one to explain. They’re passionate and hope that it spreads like fire to others.


Bennet: Deeply loves adventure for the sake of adventure, and let’s nothing diminish that passion, and shares it with others.

Xinyan: Wants to be the best performing artist around and share her love of rock and pyrotechnics with the whole world. She has not even been dissuaded by law enforcement.

Amber: Passionate about helping others and restoring The Outriders. She is infectiously positive and kind even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Xiangling: Wants to be the best and most renowned cook in the world. She helped put her father’s restaurant on the map. She wants to experience more culinary delights and share them with everyone.

Yanfei: She is serious about order and justice like many from Liyue are. However she is very passionate about her legal sense and how to use it for good. She believes law would help many and shares her knowledge with everyone.

Klee: Loves fun, fire, and bombs. She shares her excitement with everyone and the landscape shows it.

Hu Tao: Despite the gloomy context, she genuinely loves her work and meets it with a warm whimsy. She tries to share this with others and seems offputting to most, but she cares so much for the dead and their passing that she looks past this with plainness and positivity.

Diluc: Like his brother, he is complicated. He joined the knights with a sense of intense optimism towards justice and unity. Due to spoilery reasons, he goes alone to pursue evil, even at his own peril.


Electro: Misunderstood but Resolute

They are similarly passionate like Pyro characters, but it is different. They are alone in their ventures and know they will be misunderstood. The most succinct word for them would be stalwart. They are fiercely determined despite solitude.


Fischl: An expert at investigating and reconnaissance for the Adventurer’s guild. However she often finds herself alone as her motivations and explanations are shrouded in eccentricities and delusions. For better or worse, no matter what anyone says, she will live as the Prinzessin Der Verurteiling.

Razor: He guards the wolves, and is relatively alone in this goal. Many care about his whereabouts, but he is often alone and somewhat mysterious.

Beidou: Fighting sea monsters to make waters safer. Stopping thieves and spending the profits on the children of the harbor. Tax evasion. As an adventurer Bennet might expect mishaps, but Beidou runs headlong into trouble. She is an adventurer that finds herself alone in the excitement that she feels at going headlong into danger.

Lisa: Her origins and motives are somewhat mysterious in current canon, but as a librarian she is fierce. She spends much of her time learning and enjoying stories alone in her library. A missing or overdue library book sends her on a warpath. In such a time and place as Teyvat, tomes and manuscripts are all limited runs. She seems misunderstood by others about her habits and her solitude this has made her often come off brash and bold when she does interact with others.

Keqing: She is a marketing prodigy and a master with the sword. She is disciplined and orderly like many of Liyue’s residents. Unlike many of Liyue’s people, she cares very little for the divine and prefers to see herself as independent of their favor, protection, and provision. While she is liked by many for her kindness and generosity, outside of a few, she is misunderstood in this goal to dissolve the gods away from the culture


Cryo: Divided and Indignant

The idea here is a internal conflict or duality of sorts. They also all seem to have something that they deeply despise, and they are quick to talk about it.


Rosaria: A priestess that cares little for the divine, and hates suspicious and secretive actions and characters. Trusts little to no one, but strives to protect her town of people that she can’t open up to properly.

Diona: Seeks to destroy alcohol; is a great bartender. She is also a Katzlein, a mix of human and beast.

Chongyun: An exorcist that despises ghostly lingering evil. However he can’t encounter evil spirits, because of too much positive energy driving them away. He has a predisposition to fall into passion and being manic, but disciplines himself to be calm, cool, and collected.

Kaeya: He is a man of law and order that seems to find it acceptable to bend rules and be mischievous. He, more than some others, seems to speak of the abyss order with repugnance and disdain. A bit harder to pin, but he is also adopted and has a fierce devotion to his family, as well as a mysterious connection to the prior family. This has caused deep division between him and his brother due to spoilery reasons

Eula: An aristocrat that cares deeply for the common people. She is hated by many for her family, but she herself hates her family’s corruption.

Ganyu: She is half-adepti . However she also find herself not fitting in well in either world. She throws herself into work, but deeply cares to connect, even naming all the stray animals at Liyue harbor. She has a disdain for those that would skirt the rules and not due their part and pay their dues.

Qiqi: Alive but dead. Young but ancient. A manager for a pharmacy that is very knowledgeable, but also very forgetful.


Hydro: Devoted and Self Righteous

These vision users can summed up as self righteously devoted. They are kind and compassionate but they have their own internal motives for doing so, unlike some of the compassionate pyro users would do so primarily out of joy.


Barbara: She is very religious even criticizing others for not being so. She is often kind and caring, but also is often motivated by guilt. She wants to be good and appear good to others, and her works are to help her own conscious as much as it is to help others.

Xingqiu: He has single handedly restored the traditions, art, and way of the Guhua clan and discipline. This seemed in direct response to his aristocratic family finding martial arts unseemly. He is very proud of the clan that he has become a part of and finds it his duty to spread their ways across the land.

Mona: She is devoted to the astrological art and studies. She does not seem interested in excitedly teaching others like a pyro user might. She instead wants to be great and grand doing amazing things for others, so that through her name and work astrology might find more renown. She seems to have a competitive grudge with another astrologist and wants to prove herself greater than all.

Childe/Tartaglia: Speaking of wanting to be greater than everyone; this guy believes he is. He deeply cares for his family and is fiercely devoted to both them and the Fatui that helped him provide for them. He goes above and beyond for the Fatui wanting to prove his worth and villainy, and for his family he hides this wanting to appear righteous to them as well. His electro delusion feels like a reflection for his desire to be alone not having to appeal to either group and to be resolved in his identity, but that is not part of his character, just a delusion.


Geo: Order and Service

These characters not only seem to understand the order of the culture that they find themselves in, but the order of life. They struggle deeply to find how they fit into this order and how they can serve better and wholly. They often find themselves loving etiquette and opulent things not out of vanity or prudishness, like you might seem in a hydro user, but out of the pure enjoyment of complex order.


Ningguang She wanted to be the best marketer and trades woman as she rightly saw economics as the order of Liyue. However she felt that this order was disrupted or mishandled by many and her desire for greatness was always about how to serve the people and the divine.

Noelle: She deeply wants to serve her community by becoming part of the group that serves and keeps order. Regardless of whether she one day will be allowed into the Knights of Favonius, she finds herself wanting to keep things just and fair wherever she goes, and finds time to serve others with the finest of manners.

Zhongli: He will have order at any cost. He escalates carefully and will only use violence when needed. His old ways seem as tyrannical by some, to those close to him and that know they truth, he did everything in service to others and obligation.

Albedo: He sees a mysterious order beyond his community and beyond the world. He considers the forces at work in his own being and in the elemental forces of the world. Sucrose even sees him as idealistic, considering her own goals serving the people better. He feels in obligation to sort out many details about the universe, but to what end or what force is he serving? Albedo himself may not even know.


Anemo; Bound by Ideals

The most confounding of the elements to sort out. They are actually closest related to Geo users. They find themselves stuck in their duty in some way, not because of an order but because of an ideal that they hold. They want to free others in some way, and in serving this end of liberation they find themselves bound. They are liked by many but find it hard to relate to others due to their ideals and solitude through their work.


Sucrose: Taking long days investigating new ways to use plants. She wants them to have new uses for medicine, taste, and high yield She wants the people to have deep provision, so that they can have more freedom and bounty to enjoy.

Jean: Her sense of duty is obvious to any who meet her. She coordinates all the Knights of Favonius to ensure the safety and freedom of her people.

Xiao: He was bound to duty by Morax, but he saw in his order an ideal of freedom for all people. He is vigilant, taking little time to relax, because he wants not even one to suffer from evil forces.

Kazuha: He seeks to free his friends and country. He is bound by his duty to his master and friends. Through his travels he is seeking for them escape or liberation.

Venti: He reached his ideal long ago with Monstadt being free. He is still bound by his duty, but is different than many Anemo characters because to him he has achieved his ideal. He is carefree and fun, but always ready to be called upon to help.


Dendro: Caretakers?

I would take a bigger stab at this one, but you know currently very few characters with this element, and none playable. I will update this in the future. However, I say caretaker because despite Baizhou being a business owner and a man seemingly of high renown and demand, he has taken it upon himself to care for and employee Qiqi. We also know little about Yaoyao , but she is just as skilled a cook as Xianglng, and despite this she is a personal chef and traveling partner of Ganyu’s. I might also say dendro users are meticulous, but that is likely just because the two known are both from Liyue culturally and this trait is not an expression of dendro.

Note that these personality expressions will be subject to change based on their personal history and also what culture that they are from. Villainous characters will express these traits in interesting ways, such as the upcoming electro archon named Baal, who seems to have a goal that is mysterious and that she is alone in, and she clearly has great resolve in it. Even aristocracy like Ayaka have left her, which like a proper cryo would leave her divided and hating these oppressors.

If you enjoyed any part of this leave an upvote, and feel free to discuss below. I’m willing to update and edit, and will be adding future characters.

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