Genshin Impact Cooking Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video, I’m going to show you how Cook in Genshin Impact Thanks for watching the video so far remember to give Subscription is excellent and it rang the bell to help youtube algorithm now back to the video. So if you’re like me, you kill everything you see and you’re picking up a lot of. They contain a lot of food if you find any of these cookbooks littered Throughout the game.

There are a lot of them and I’m just impressed with how beautiful this game is. Uh you can go to it, choose a cook and then your recipes will be here And the ones that you have material for will be highlighted in the foreground. Until you see these Colored in these, I got the right materials for them, and these materials gray mean I got them A recipe, but I don’t have the materials now. The way cooking works is simply by selecting the ingredient, Then you click “ cook” and when you cook you’ll see a bar with different colors. If you get it in the middle, it will reach perfection. If you do enough perfect, Then finally, you can start mass producing it and cook it quickly. So if you do cook, then We want.

Oh, we failed okay. So let’s try again so we cook and wan na stop. Yes, it denotes perfection. So you now see efficiency. Two out of five, so when proficiency is five Out of five, that means I’ll be able to cook these things in bulk, because I’m just one thing with it Say about food in this game, Be very careful because when it comes to actually eating you don’t Eat Food just like this, because nothing can get difficult later in the game Come also. If you have a chance to spend some of your money, picking up ingredients, Ingredients as you go along and so forth to unlock more recipes. Do it because we are Later in the game talking about 10-20 hours in you may actually find that you are undernourished all the time, So it’s really nice to have it, because your horse’s power doesn’t regain its energy naturally, when it is Running outside.

So food is very important: it’s an open world game. It’S basically also Also a survival game. Every time you go to any kind of camp base, something or if you are Run near you and see apples on a tree that you pick up because you never know how useful they are. It might be that simple, so do it, and it will help you succeed when exploring this game And take your time to explore the game, to see how beautiful this incredible game is, As if I’ve been waiting a long time for this game. I know a lot of other people have ooh, But the only thing that can ruin your enjoyment is that you constantly die from lack of food, So cook and perfect food and mass produce. It use it to process food in moderation like gold Dust. If you can avoid taking it for a while, but use it clearly in case of an emergency so yeah Anyway, that’s it for this video. If you liked it be sure to give it a go, Excellent, you can watch the video there and watch the last download there Or you can click here to subscribe.

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