Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video, Let’s show you how to get all of the Crimson Agates in the Genshin Impact, Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it by subscribing and call the number To help with youtube algorithm now back to video. They have added in correction 1.2, New game area. This big area is here called Dragonspine, and one thing you have to do like Part of the time for western exploration here is to collect these scarlet garnets now uh. What they’re used for It is an upgrade of a carrier tree and the more you upgrade it, the better, the rewards you need To get at least Level 8 in order to get the most rewards for the event, but you You may want to have them all At some point now you can find them randomly in the world.

They will be marked on your mini map when you get close to them, but let me show you a better way, A more consistent way to do this. What you can do is to download the interactive map And it’s something that I showed you before, so I showed it in a previous video. So that’s me: It will leave the url of this map in the description you can filter it to get scarlet portals And if you log in with google it will give you the option to sign in or with an account. Then, when You clicked then say again that you got this and that you already have it, you can mark it as found It will be grayed out.

That way you can track which ones were not found. There are also visual guides and there are videos on how to get it and I’ll try to link, as often as I am, Can I, in the description box below so I’ll, go through the process and try to find As much as I can use these pointers. Then we’ll see where I am in a moment. Well, if you keep following the map, you’ll eventually get an eighth place and Open the scarlet wish you say, because it receives the offerings and grows four will-bearing trees. It first begins to gain more strength through its roots. That extend across the dragon’s spine Find out more uh, crimson and gays as they periodically flock to Lai’s lines. Um she heads to uh uh and collects a crimson gate all over the ice. The mountain in the ritual wars of the trees of the Russians.

Oh Awesome, then, because I have made it to # 8 so far. I have been able to do it and need this Beer for a different mission you get along the way. So again, let me keep looking For all the points that have been marked on the map and then we’ll see how far we have come once we find them all. You have now finished exploring all of the locations shown on the interactive map. One of the features of this interactive map is that you can actually click on each of these places. You can see comments about what people have said, and people often post videos with pictures Anything that may help you achieve the goal and, as you can see, if you are logged in you can specify On the map that you created but did not make.

And this map is not only for this, you can also Uh find animo scans, geoclass, and so we’ve featured it in other videos before Now, when you’re done with everything, it won’t uh bring you to level 12 With the pregnant tree, but what you finally open up Is what I just said? Are you crimson wishes? They are these symbols on the sign that you see scarlet wish. These are tasks with which you can have one portal, and there will be five each per day In the day, you’ll get five more, which means, if you find them all and keep doing it. The Scarlet wants you to finally reach level 12.

And along the way, you can Get some hidden achievements if you swallow them and completely open as many chests as possible Turn to the top of the floating tower to get an achievement. There is a task that I will link in the description or called see the so-called. In fact, it’s an experience that you remember called the Prodigal Son It’s Adam’s job, so it will be Linked in the description box as well. So what I’ll do now quickly? Let’S show you an example of one of the scarlet wishes, so here we have to kill more bills, Let’s get it done, ASAP and I’ll make sure to do it every day, I’m going to do five prints.

You wish every day as if I were progressing towards uh the 12th position. You only need 10 gates For each rank, and given that you have five per day, this means that you must get another every day, Prank, It’s already close to number 10. So it shouldn’t. Take you long to finish this And there’s another mob. Oh you got an agate, and the thing to also remember is that teleportation points are in uh. The mountains around the mountain are also heaters. So if you are freezing to death, It can only teleport and it will instantly heat up a little trick for you. As I said, I have now explored the entire installation as much as I can do Prince of Wishes every day and I will probably pursue the Prodigal Son and eventually come to Rank 12

So here’s what you wish for crimson yeah, that’s a foundation for cochineal, How Gates Work, etc, Then be sure to follow the Dragon Spine Achievements And once you have all of them, uh you’ll get another nameplate as well. So you can see that All that’s left! For me now is to move the frost bearing tree to level 12. Then I’ll get on That and I’d be 100 with this install. That’S it anyway, guys! That’S it for this video, if you are Like it make sure to like it. If you want to round up the video there Watch the latest download there or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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