Genshin Impact Crit Rate vs Crit Dmg (Quick guide on which is better with some examples) By: andylong1014


So I’ve seen quite a few questions on the Q&A asking if they should focus on crit rate or crit dmg and I just wanted to make a quick little guide answering that.

Tldr: It depends. If your crit rate is less than half of your crit dmg, focus on crit rate. Otherwise focus on crit dmg.


So the way to calculate dmg using crit rate and crit dmg is: Overall dmg = (Normal dmg)*(1+ (Crit rate * Crit dmg)). Since normal dmg and the “1” in the equation will be present in all cases, we can just ignore them for now so we’re left with (Crit rate * Crit dmg). Whenever you’re multiplying any two numbers together, to get the biggest value, you want those numbers to be as big as possible and as close to each other as possible.

So for example, let’s say you have 100% to distribute between rate and dmg (ignoring the base values of 5% crit rate and 50% crit dmg for now). Here are some possible distributions.

  • 0.10 crit rate * 0.90 crit dmg = 0.09

  • 0.30 crit rate * 0.70 crit dmg = 0.21

  • 0.50 crit rate * 0.50 crit dmg = 0.25

So you can see that making crit rate and crit dmg as close to each other is ideal for maximizing overall critical bonuses.

However, in-game, crit dmg % artifacts give twice as much % as crit rate artifacts (ex. At lvl 20 5 star, it’s 62.2% crit dmg vs 31.1% crit rate). So after accounting for this factor, the final answer is:

If crit rate % is less than half of your crit dmg % –> Focus on crit rate%

If crit rate % is more than half of your crit dmg % –> Focus on crit dmg%


30% crit rate and 50% crit dmg:

So crit dmg artifact is better

40% crit rate and 90% crit dmg:

So crit rate artifact is better

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  1. Dude, I didn’t realize that… Just wrote one of those “stupid questions”(crit rate vs crit dmg) that randomly flew though my mind, and I’m glad I’ve found your article. It’s well structured, and clear.

    Thanks the time you’ve put into it!

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