Genshin Impact Crystal Chunks & White Iron Chunks Locations And Easy Guide, Forge 4 Star Weapon



Hey how’s everyone doing today, grunty gaming and a very quick and easy guide to get uh crystal chunks and white iron chunks to forge weapons if you’re free to play play or even if you just want to forge weapons uh. These are where you’re gon na get them good, spawn locations for these items, and i will be putting time stamps because we’re going to start with the crystal chunks over here and then we’ll be doing the white iron chunks afterwards. So on mount ozone, i believe i put my pickaxe here so mark it down there’s a great spot here. You can go back here like every second day and they should be respawning. It usually takes one to two days for items to respond. Um. You know ascension items and all that stuff, so this is a great spot here, because you can get about 10 or 12 of them and they’re always gon na be here and it’s a very good spot um.


I don’t know every spot in the game, but i know this is probably one of the better oh gee oculus. Let’S grab that while we’re here, i literally just discovered this spot, so i’m pretty pumped about it. I figured i might as well make a video if it helps someone else, though, because i’ve been struggling to find these things see each rock drops like two crystal chunks. If this douchebag can get out of my face and there’s even core lapras here too, that you can spawn yeah, this is a great spot for crystal chunks. There’S a couple others too, and i usually find them just here and there like odds and ends. But this is like one of the few spots i actually found like a whack of them, so you can see here there’s a ton of crystal chunks here and core lapras. It’S a great spot. So come back here, like you know, after a couple days and within a week, you’ll be able to forge a weapon.


So that’s one of the good spots. I have now another one for crystal chunks. It’S over here near lingjoy, lingju pass. I believe, that’s right again. Mark the pickaxe so you’re going to jump off this mountain here and glide [ Music, ] whoops, i’m going the wrong way here. You know all the pickaxe when i mark down and you’ll be able to find it easy. There are some enemies in here so just be ready, um you’re just going to want to go over here – and obviously you guys probably know this by now. But if you have a claymore user or like ninghuang it’ll, be easier to harvest uh the minerals um yeah. There’S a ton of enemies in here so you’re gon na want to take them out, and this is another great spot, so between this spot and the other spot, if you hit them every two days, you’re gon na have enough crystal chunks to forge a weapon in No time plus just exploring the map you’ll find others, but there are a couple other spots that i know of, but i just don’t know about clutters see, there’s a ton of them in here uh between these two spots. You can get about 25 and you need 50 to get the weapon.


So i believe it’s about 25. You can get in these areas, so yeah, two good areas. I have for you right here, um and then a couple other areas for crystal chunks is scattered around the stone forest. I’Ve come across quite a few over here again, let them respawn they’re, not all cluttered together. So i didn’t feel like going running around the whole map. I wanted this to be a nice quick tutorial how to get them so run around the stone forest you’ll find a few and storm tears layer all around there. If you need to collect odds and ends in there now going on to the white chunks, a great spot is storm bearer point you’re gon na go teleport to that waypoint. There so unlock that for sure mark it on your map again, so you can always go back there after two days and just keep harvesting make this a habit, even if you don’t need them just keep collecting them, because you never know when you’re going to need Them and you might as well make use of that respawn time.


Hopefully we can just dodge these enemies here, but here here are going to be the white chunks or the white crystal chunks or white iron chunks, whoops and there’s even some um crystal chunks. Here too uh or one of them anyway. Okay, these guys, insist on attacking me all right, get out of my face all right so yeah this is gon na, be a good spot to get white iron chunks. White iron chunks are pretty easy to find, throw them up, so just exploring you’ll find them in caves and stuff. But again you know if you need them and then here in wolven, durham, [, Music ] – i don’t know i can’t pronounce in this game, but over here, you’re gon na teleport and there’s gon na be a huge pile of white iron chunks and another crystal chunk. So there you go.


These are my two main spots for these items. I hope this was helpful and just want to make a very quick video straight to the point. Um, come back every couple of days and you’re gon na have enough to make a weapon in no time if you’re free to play. This will be very key, so hope this was helpful. Hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see you in the next one.

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