Genshin Impact – Cuijue Slope: The Nine Pillars (FREE 5 STARS ARTIFACT) [howtoEz]


Hey guys, iKamikaze here and today, we’ll be talking about the Cuijue Slope puzzle in Genshin Impact. Now i’m pretty sure that you’ve seen this item in your inventory before the Stone of Remembrance and wondered what is it used for and err just a heads-up? There will be a huge spoiler in this video and i’ll suggest you to turn away right now before we dive into this topic. So the Stone of Remembrance is used to unlock the door to the puzzle in Cuijue Slope, which requires all 9 Stones of Remembrance to unlock it. You can obtain Stones of Remembrance by increasing your Geo Statues’ level, and a total of 9 will be obtained at level 10 statue. In order to reach level 10 statue. You’Ll need to look for all 130 Geoculus in the Liyue area, which you can use the interactive map to help. You find all the Geoculus check the link in the Description below

After you’ve reached level 10 Geo Statue level, you can now proceed to Cuijue Slope and insert the Stone of Remembrance into each of the pillars in the surrounding area and after you’ve insert the stone into every pillar. The door will open and you’ll be able to access. The room before you enter the room be sure your team have an archer, a healer and at least 1 claymore user, as you’ll need to face 3 waves of monsters. The first wave will be a Ruin Guard which you can defeat easily by shooting the weak points. With your archer, the second wave will 2 Geovishap Hatchlings, and the third wave will consist of a Ruin, Hunter and a Geovishap. Hatchling do note they are all around level 43 to level 50 in World Level. 2. So make sure your team is well equipped before you start the fight during the fight, an Infusion stone will spawn in the combat area, destroy it with a Claymore Attack as fast as possible, as it will be buffing all the monsters on the field, after defeating the Third, wave of monsters, the door to the treasure room will open you’ll, be able to find a Luxury Chest, a Precious Chest and a 5 Star artifact the’Royal Flora’ in the room.

You’Ll also obtain a quest item which you can give to the antique NPC Linlang in Liyue Harbor, to complete the quest and obtain 50 Primogems and 200,000 Mora rewards. So that’s it for this video. If you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to, the channel as well also feel free to leave a comment below to suggest what to talk about in the next video and as always, see you on the next videoo lel.

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