Genshin Impact Daily* Artifact Run Maps and Data By: Parthhay000


Hello, all. This spreadsheet can be used as a quick reference for daily Artifact runs. It also contains some drop data, as well as a few other metrics.

I’ll link to the spreadsheet here.

I have a few things to say about the spreadsheet as well as its included information.

  • First things first, I was only able to make this with the help of this incredible resource that someone else has put together. They went through the trouble to make routes, as well as take screenshots of all of the spawn locations, including most of the ones that don’t respawn in case you need those.

  • There are two different kinds of Artifact spawn points (three if you count the ones that don’t respawn, which I am not). The kind which respawn at the daily reset time (1am for me), and the kind which respawn 24 hours after you last looted said Artifact. Because of this I created 2 separate routes on my spreadsheet, referred to as “partial” and “full” runs. (The asterisk in the title next to “Daily” pertains to this point.)

  • Technically you could do a Full Run every day if you staggered your Artifact hunt by 15 minutes each day.

  • It takes ~270k Artifact EXP to get a 5* Artifact from +0 to +20. Meaning, it would take ~9 Full Runs to max out a 5* Artifact if you didn’t get a single 2x or 5x Enhancement Bonus.

  • You can make ~10k Mora on average from a Full Run. This effectively reduces the cost of Enhancing using these Artifacts by 1/3.

If there are any questions I’d be happy to try and answer them. If you’re new to Artifact hunting, then I highly recommend you check out the website I linked above and use that guide as it’s much more beginner friendly. Also if you know of any Artifact spawn points not listed in these resources please share!

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