Genshin Impact Daily Mora Farming guide By: madbil


A simple guide to farm mora. It will only include stuff that gets renewed, so no chest, story quest,etc.

  1. random event (10 per day and around 1.5k each)

  2. Killing Boses(again, around 15k total)

  3. Artifact hunting(you can get around 20 and also sell them for 400 mora each, plus 200 for each source so around 12k)

  4. Earth Layland (not the best, but the better your world level, the more it gives)

5)Daily missions (Always do this, the rest is optional)

6)Battle Pass (With the 10k cap, you will be doing it all month)

7)Abyss (more like weekly/monthly)

8) Chess? I am not sure they respawn, but you can also sell 2 geo/ane chests rewards for 1,5K gold(when you empty the jewelry store)

Tell me in the comments if I’m forgetting something or have a good tip and will add it later

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