Genshin Impact Damage Guide and Bonus Info By: TerraInfernus


This is the first time trying to posting something like this, most of this was just sitting in a notepad and I decided to try to give something back as I found this information a lot useful and not even the wiki has some of this info. Let me know if you find this useful or learned something new


—-Elemental Damage—-
(some don’t know this)
Freeze: Freezes mob. Frozen enemies when shattered, deals bonus physical DMG
Swirl: Deals DMG and spreads original target’s elemental effect in an AoE

–DMG for enemies that negate an element —
[Slimes, Elite Bosses, Andrius (Stormterror is not immune to anything)]
Pyro = Hydro, Cryo, Geo > Anemo
Hydro = (Electro or Cryo) > Pyro > Geo > Anemo
Cryo = Electro, Pyro, Geo > (Anemo or Hydro)
Electro = Pyro, Cryo, Geo > (Anemo or Hydro)
Anemo = (Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro) > Geo
Geo = (Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, or Anemo)
Geo is in front of Anemo in front of these because Anemo’s Swirl will do no DMG to these type of enemies while Geo can get an elemental barrier and can stay and tank DMG while keeping up the DMG output

–DMG againts Elemental Shields (elemental shields will always count as having it’s element)–
[Fatui Skirmishers, Electro Cicin Mage, Abyss Mages, Stonehide Lawachurl, Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl, Wooden Shield Mitachurl]
Pyro = Hydro > Electro > Cryo > Anemo > Geo
Hydro = Cryo > Electro > Pyro Anemo > Geo
Cryo = Pyro > Hydro > Electro > Anemo > Geo
Electro = Pyro > Hydro > Cryo > Anemo > Geo
Anemo = Doesn’t Exist, if it did exist = (Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro) > Geo
Geo = Geo or Claymores > (Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, or Anemo)
Anemo has better DMG potential here since when the shield is gone they will be able to receive Swirl DMG and most of the time these types of enemies are not alone
(Geo = Rock Shield, Geo Armor, Rock Stacks, Rock Pillars(from Geo Hypostasis), Non-Elemental Minerals)
(Dendro = Wood Shield, Any Wooden Destructible, Thorns)

(Side speculation: it appears that Greatswords and Geo have the same hidden property as they both do increased DMG to Geo and they both can Shatter Frozen enemies. The reason I say same Hidden property is Noelle she uses a Greatsword and her Elemental Burst causes her normal attacks to also be Geo, if they where different effects Noelle would be decimating every Geo based shield after using her Elemental Burst)

–Element DMG From Stats–
-Influenced by the ATK, Elemental Mastery, and all other DMG multipliers of the character causing the reaction and any other DMG multiplier such as targets RES, DEF, Debuffs, etc-

-Influenced by the LVL and Elemental Mastery of the character causing the reaction-
Also ignores the target’s LVL, HP, DEF, Buffs, and Attack Power (Still affected by Elemental RES %)

Elemental Reaction DMG ration relative to one another is
Superconduct 1
Swirl 1.2
Electro-Charged 2.4
Shattered 3
Overloaded 4
What this means is that if the same character at the same LVL and Elemental Mastery triggers a reaction as an example Overloaded would do 4x more DMG than Superconduct

-Elemental Reactions Diminishing Returns- (I have not confirmed this, I found this while digging up information)
Rapidly triggering elemental reactions in short intervals will deal reduced DMG up to noticeable little or no DMG

—-DEBUFFs that will result in increased damage—-
DEF and Elemental RES reduction (DEF seems to be just Physical Damage RES)
Superconduct – DEF 40%
Razor – Elemental Skill, DEF 15%
Klee – Elemental Skill, DEF 23%
Xiangling – Elemental Skill, Pyro 15%
Xingqiu – Elemental Burst, Hydro 15%
Chongyun – Elemental Skill, Cryo 10%
Beidou – Elemental Burst, Electro 15%
Lisa – Elemental Burst, Electro 15%
Jean – Elemental Burst, Anemo 40%
Traveler – Elemental Burst, Anemo 20% + 20% of RES of element that triggered Elemental Absorption
Venti – Elemental Skill, 12% Anemo + 12% Anemo and Physical while mob is airborne – Elemental Burst, Anemo 20% + 20% of RES of element that triggered Elemental Absorption

If a Resistance goes into negative its half as effective. IE. If a target has +60% Pyro Resistance, and you apply -50% Pyro Resistance, it will have +10%.
However if the target started off with +20%, and you apply -50%, it will effectively have [20-50]/2= -15% Resistance. (this INFO is thanks to Kindread21)

If building for DMG keep in mind that adding different types of DMG and ATK increase while reducing the mob’s RES will result in more DMG that just staking the same one, since stacking same one it be added to the previous one and a different type will be multiplicative.

Same Type
1st Example:
80% ATK + 80% ATK = +160 % ATK
so 100 DMG would become 260 DMG

Different Type
2nd Example (80% ATK) (80% PYRO DMG) = 224% DMG when dealing PYRO DMG
so 100 DMG would become 324 DMG

if you need help multiplying percentages here is would you do
you add 100% to all percentages and convert to decimal, so the above would be
(1.8 ATK) (1.8 PYRO DMG) and you just multiply then subtract 100% which would be 1
(1.8 ATK) (1.8 PYRO DMG) = 3.24 – 1 = 2.24, then covert back to % which would be 224%

(This took me longer to figure out than I would like to admit hence why I included it here. Google did not help, the result where either percentage calculators or just talking about the wrong thing regarding percentages)

I also know the damage calculation is more complicated than this but it still doesn’t change the fact the same type are added and different are multiplied

Don’t know if it’s a bug or something else, since I don’t have another Weapon that works the same way

I have “The Eye of Perception” at Rank 1 which says it do an extra attack that will deal 240% of ATK STAT as DMG
With my ATK at 120 it deals 100 DMG
at 162 ATK it deals 135 DMG
at 352 ATK it deals 294 DMG

This was tested with Barbara on a Blazing Axe Mitachurl
Did not use anything that increase attack besides Feathers, such as ATK %, Elemental Mastery, Elemental DMG %
Doing different DMG with the same Stats does not change DMG such as Charging attack and a different attack from attacking consecutively
ATK % does increase it’s DMG
DMG is considered physical and is getting reduced by Mob RES, this was tested on different enemies and in this case DMG is getting reduced by 30%
Adding the DMG that was subtracted by RES gives us the following
With my ATK at 120 it deals 100 DMG – DMG before RES reduction 142.86
at 162 ATK it deals 135 DMG – DMG before RES reduction 192.86
at 352 ATK it deals 294 DMG – DMG before RES reduction 420

So with this new information the DMG that it’s actually doing is not 240% of ATK but 120% of ATK, half of what it says and this is why I think is a bug however as I previously said I have nothing else that works like this to test to see if it’s all of them of just this

This is a list of things that trigger from the ATK STAT as DMG
The Viridescent Hunt
Eye of Perception
Skyward Pride
Skyward Spine
Crescent Pike
Aquila Favonia
Sword of Descension


–Specialized STATS–
Characters get specialized stats starting at their 2nd ascension

Traveler – ATK%
Jean – Healing%
Sucrose – Anemo DMG%
Venti – Recharge%

Chongyun – ATK%
Kaeya – Recharge%
Qiqi – Healing Bonus%
Beidou – Electro DMG%
Fischl – ATK%
Keqing – CRIT DMG%
Lisa – Elemental Mastery
Razor – Physical DMG%

Ningguang – Geo DMG%
Noelle – DEF%

Barbara – HP%
Mona – Energy Recharge%
Xingqiu – ATK%

Amber – ATK%
Bennett – Energy Recharge%
Diluc – CRIT Rate%
Klee – Pyro DMG%
Xiangling – Elemental Mastery


-Vegetation/Fauna Respawn Time-
Local Specialties: 48 Hours
Others: 24 Hours

-Ore Respawn Time-
Iron Chunks: 24 hours
White Iron Chunks: 48 hours
Electro Crystals: 48 hours
Noctilucous Jade: 48 hours
Crystal Chunks: 72 hours
Cor Lapis: 72 hours

-Boss Respawn Time-
Stormterror: 7-days for treasure, no cooldown to engage
Wolf of the North, Lupus Boreas: 7-days
Hypostasis (Cube Bosses): 3-minutes
Regisvine (Flower Bosses): 3-minutes

-Spiral Abyss Reward Respawn-
Floor 1-8: No Respawn
Floor 9-12: 1st and 16th of every month

-Chest Respawn?-
Too much conflicting information if interested please refer to
this guy seems to have done a lot of work trying to see if they respawn or not
Conclusion seems they don’t

-Everything Else on World Reset- (Can’t get a proper way for this to format properly, but it’s understandable)
World resets at
Server – Timezone – Time
NA – GMT-5 / PDT – 4 AM / 2AM
EU – GMT+1 – 4 AM
Asia – GMT+8 – 4 AM

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