Genshin Impact Dash iFrames Tip By: The_Flame_Alchemyst


Hi guys, I’ve encountered quite a few people who don’t seem to be aware that the dash has an iFrame, or how to use it (especially in hypostasis fights, or with projectiles, etc.). I think part of it could simply be that given Genshin’s *somewhat peculiar* place among game genres, people from games like gachas might just not be used to action-combat mechanics.

What is an iFrame?

iFrame, short for invincibility frame, is a frame in an animation (typically for evasive moves, like dodges, dashes, rolls, etc.) during which a character cannot take damage. If you’re familiar with the concept of Super Armor, iFrames are kind of like boosted super armor, where you won’t take any damage at all, and typically found in moving animations, rather than static ones (where you’d typically see Super Armor).

How do I use one?

Alright, it seems pretty straightforward how invincibility could help in fights, right? Well, the dash that all characters have (sprint button, tapped once, not held) actually has an iFrame at the very beginning of the animation. If you dash just before an enemy attack is initiated, the attack will more or less pass through your character’s hitbox without affecting you. The timing takes some practice to get down, but it’s not too bad, and a lot of the overworld bosses can help you practice iFraming on time.

Why do I care?

Those of you having difficulty with Andrius have probably looked up a guide, and seen a Chinese player solo him in relatively close range, right? (I think it was with Amber, but not sure). He did some crazy dodges and looked like he was uber skilled? Well, he was, lol, but for soloing with Amber, not for his dodging technique. With a little bit of practice (see above), you can dodge like that, too! This should be really helpful with bosses like Andrius, and you can also dash through the Electro Hypostasis’ lasers, which opens up a slot on your team if you don’t want to use Geo MC to block, as a lot of people do (also lets you fight him without having to unlock Geo first, which can be nice for ascending earlier :)). There are plenty of other opportunities to iFrame in the game, from hilichurl/mitachurl/lawachurl attacks, to other elite boss attacks, and this’ll help those of you having difficulty progressing because of health problems during fights. If any of you have questions regarding other attacks, and such, or more mechanics, drop them in the comments; I love fiddling with combat mechanics, and I’m sure others in the sub would be happy to answer, too. Hope this helps someone!



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