Genshin Impact Day 2 Hypostatic Symphony Max Points Quick Tips Guide By: Coolica


I’m on Asia and the server just reset a few mins ago, so I went ahead and cleared day 2 of the event solo with max points (4365). It was (for me) harder than electro, so here’s a few tips for those struggling:

r/Genshin_Impact - Day 2 Hypostatic Symphony Max Points Quick Tips Guide

Had to try a few times, seems harder than Electro for me

  1. If you are using any off field support, cast them around the 1:53 mark at the start of the fight, the first move the boss does is always the clap move (at around 1:51 – 1:49, can vary)

  2. When the boss spawns the cyclones, count for about 7 seconds, then start heading over to the boss and drop your off field support skills/bursts, and have your dps on standby ready to burn him when he becomes vulnerable (such as Oz/Bennet Ult)

  3. If the boss does the move where he pulses an AoE that hits hard, make sure you interrupt it with a plunge attack ASAP, it make him vulnerable. Along with this, at one point during the fight he will spawn white cubes that when destroyed will create updrafts, these are what you will be using to plunge *cries in lack of Xiao*

  4. Along with the tip above, make sure that you always have a few cubes on the field that are ready to be destroyed for updrafts. The boss has a chance to do the pulsing AoE after the last phase and you can get totally screwed if you don’t have any updrafts to plunge and finish him off.

  5. When the boss does the move where he charges up with his cubes surrounding him, then suddenly collapes on him and then blows up, you’re better off i-framing that move with an ult. It’s really quite difficult to i-frame with sprint. Otherwise just reset the fight and hope he doesn’t do it (or sacrifice a Character with no energy and revive him, but death animation takes time.)

  6. When you enter the final phase of the fight where he creates updrafts and you have to grab the floating orbs, make sure you take a few seconds to identify how to get them efficiently. Having to go backwards while gliding and messing up will probably cost you the run (if you are doing the 120 second challenge with 100% HP bonus.) Its better to take a second or two to identify how you’re going to get them with a smooth gliding route.

  7. After you finish collecting the orbs in the final phase, don’t forget that unlike Day 1 Electro Hypostatis, the Anemo Hypostatis will still need to be finished off. So make sure you have enough firepower to burn him quickly in one vulnerability phase.

That’s all for now, loving this event, I can’t wait for the next few days to unlock and see if it gets harder or not.

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