Genshin Impact Day 3 Hypostatic Symphony Max Points Quick Tips Guide (Geo) By: Coolica


Welcome to day 3 of the event! I’m a bit slow today since it’s the start of the work week, but nonetheless here’s the quick and dirty guide for Hypo Geo! (I’m on Asia and the server, max points (4590). It was (for me) easier than both Anemo and Electro, so here’s a few tips for those struggling:

r/Genshin_Impact - Day 3 Hypostatic Symphony Max Points Quick Tips Guide (Geo)
  1. Having Zongli helps, however you don’t need him. Any claymore user and Ningguang can break the pillars quite fast with a few hits. You want units who can break the pillars quickly, and you want a main DPS to do the bulk of the damage when the Hypostatis is vulnerable. Pretty much same as the World Boss.

  2. You don’t have to break each pillar one by one. In fact what you can do is whack the other pillars a bit first to lower their HP, then go for the pillar with the Hypostatis on it. The goal of this is to be able to have higher DPS burst uptime, as when you destroy the pillars the Hypostatis becomes vulnerable if it’s on it. Thus, if all the pillars are low enough, you can chain-destroy them to continuously make the boss vulnerable.

  3. The attacks of the pillars do hurt, so having a Geo shield on you (like Noelle’s or Zongli’s) go a long way when you’re being pelted by the little rock bullets.

  4. The boss doesn’t do anything too crazy (from what I’ve seen) as it just does slightly buffed versions of the normal attacks the World Boss Geo Hypostatis does. Take some time to identify them (most are quite easy to dodge by just running around/running to the right spot.)

  5. If you see a Geo cube beside a pillar, BREAK it ASAP as the boss will do huge pulsing AoE damage which will 2-3 shot you even with Geo Shields. It’s just the buffed up version of what the World Boss does, but its the most dangerous move the boss has.

  6. The first move the boss will always (probably I’ve never seen it do another move) do is make the pillars shoot Geo bullets. You can use these projectiles to also help you destroy pillars a bit. Note that even though they don’t hit TOO hard, they will still hurt, especially without a Geo Shield.

  7. The final phase of the boss is the same as the World Boss, you have to destroy 3 pillars before the boss regenerates. Unlike the Day 2 Anemo boss, once you destroy the pillars the domain is cleared, so make sure you save your pillar breaking moves for this phase.

That’s all for now, as usual I’m sure more users will post other useful tips, so check out the comments section if you’re having trouble!

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