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  • I am not a professional Genshin guide.. person

  • I am a dolphin (spent ~$250)

  • These builds were made based on my preferences

  • If you want a tl;dr just scroll through for pretty pictures and captions

Sup, I’m SupGurl. I decided to post guides of characters I like for no reason. I will go over detailed info on talents, weapons, artifact builds, and possible team comps. I will also include F2P options for weapons and possible unit switches (if any of them work). Lastly, I may be wrong about some things. If I am, please correct me in the comments and don’t be lame about it :]

Quick edit to note: I normally cover info on constellations, but being that Klee is a five star and I only have C1 I don’t feel like I can bring any more value than the descriptions themselves. Just read them if you wanna know what they do (spoiler – they’re good).


The little girl that scares even the wolves. Remember when she first launched in game and people were saying that she was trash because she’s clunky and can’t support? Well, turns out they were right that she’s clunky and can’t support (without her cons), but she’s pretty damn far from being trash. So, what can she do?


Just like our other catalyst carry Ningguang, Klee is putting out most of her damage by immediately using abilities on cooldown and charged attacking in between as much as possible.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

That’s a pretty big % number there on her charged attack.

Once we ascend her to unlock the first talent she becomes better at this.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

Less stamina use is always nice. More damage is even better.

So, once Pounding Surprise unlocks we have two options on how to use her normal attacks. Both deal similar damage an I haven’t done the math to see which is better, so do what feels better for you I guess.

  • 1 normal attack, 1 charged attack, repeat – This puts out more charged attacks, but we’ll be using more stamina and potentially missing out on the spark damage bonus.

  • Normal attack until spark, charged attack, repeat – This guarantees our stamina is high for dodging and always gives us the 50% bonus on our charged attacks. This is probably the way to go in higher Abyss floors bc no stamina is very bad there.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

Klee becomes a battery for her supports. Cool.

So now that we know her kit, which weapons work well?


Best in slot is a tossup between Lost Prayer and Skyward Atlas. Both give nice elemental damage bonuses for their effects, so we’re basically choosing between crit rate and attack. Would depend on your artifact rolls. For those of us that aren’t lucky enough to pull the 5 stars…

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli
r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

Unlike Ningguang, Klee can make use of Widsith’s effect regardless of which song triggers. This gives Widsith a slight edge in my opinion. However, whichever fits with your artifact rolls better (crit rate vs. crit damage) is going to be the better choice. Other weapons of note:

  • Sacrificial Fragments – If you don’t have Widsith or Solar Pearl, this is a pretty solid choice. Since Jumpty Dumpty hits three times per use and has 2 charges, we pretty much guarantee an extra use of the skill. The elemental mastery is also usable with reactions.

  • Mappa Mare – Our F2P option. Again we have ele mastery and a small damage bonus to make use of. It may be worth waiting before crafting because there are rumors of new craftables with 1.2.


Imo 4 set Crimson Witch of Flames is the way to go for Klee.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

The bonus damage, especially on Vaporize/Melt, is really good. Also, with 2 charges of Jumpty we can make good use of the 50% stacks.

If you’re running a comp that doesn’t do any of the reactions that can benefit from Crimson’s 4 set, Wanderer’s Troupe is another option. 80 ele mastery and a 35% increase on our charged damage is definitely worth considering.

Main Stats:

Flower: Duh, only HP

Feather: Duh, only ATK

Timepiece: ATK %

Cup: Pyro DMG

Circlet: Crit DMG/Crit Rate


We want the same thing that most carry units want. In general crit rate, crit dmg, and ATK % are your go-tos. After that ele mastery or energy recharge.

Team Comps

Being that she is a Pyro carry, she’s in pretty much the best category in the game rn along with Diluc. Because of that we have a lot of options on the supports we can use with her.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

This is the team I run Klee with. Constant Vaporize, Bennett buff, pyro resonance, melt capability. Really balanced and strong crew for her.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

This is a comp where you’d run 4 set Wanderer’s over Crimson Witch. Plays pretty much the same as the previous team, but we have Sucrose and Bennett to debuff/buff for crazy damage.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Klee Guide - The Explodi Loli

Oh look it’s Bennett again. It’s no secret that he’s probably the best support on a pyro carry team, and Klee perhaps makes better use of him than even Diluc does. We’ve also got melt and sucrose swirl/debuff.

Like most characters, Klee can work in many teams so find one you like!

Advanced Stuff

Normal Attack Animation Cancel:

I forgot to mention the fact that you can animation cancel Klee’s normal attacks. There are two ways to do it.

This means that we won’t ever see the second or third attacks in the combo. Even though the last attack has the highest multiplier, it has a delay on it. Spamming the first attack means more DPS and more sparks for more damage on charges as well.

Charged Attack Animation Cancel:

You can also animation cancel her charged attacks. As soon as the animation starts (big firey flower shows up over your head), you can dash or jump and the attack still goes off. I personally always jump unless I’d dodge anyway bc saving stamina is good.

The End

That’s all I know/can think of. Hope this is helpful! o/ Peace

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