Genshin Impact Detailed Ningguang Guide – The Rich Geo Onee-san By: SupGurlll



  • I am not a professional Genshin guide.. person

  • I am a dolphin (spent ~$250)

  • These builds were made based on my preferences

  • If you want a tl;dr just scroll through for pretty pictures and captions

Sup, I’m SupGurl. I decided to post guides of characters I like for no reason. I will go over detailed info on talents/constellations, weapons, artifact builds, and possible team comps. I will also include F2P options for weapons and possible unit switches (if any of them work). Lastly, I may be wrong about some things. If I am, please correct me in the comments and don’t be lame about it :]


Being that she was just a rate up, those of us that are lucky may have pulled this waifu and maybe even have some constellations. I had always heard about her being good, but tbh when I did her trial I didn’t like her (probably due to not understanding her kit). Speaking of…


Like Klee, her main damage source (outside of abilities) is her charged attack. At lower levels she is a solid dps that can interrupt enemies with her normal attacks from range (very nice). However, where she really starts to shine is when her ascension talents are unlocked.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

Since most of her non-ability damage is from her charged attacks, this is a huge power boost.

Once you unlock Backup Plan, the ideal normal attack rotation is going to be 1 auto, 1 charged attack, repeat. If your internet sucks like mine you might have to throw a 2nd attack in before charging to make sure the Star Jades show up :/

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

Free bonus damage whenever? Hell ya.

Ningguang’s Jade Screen is much more than a projectile shield. You can drop it right in a group of enemies for some nice aoe Geo damage, then walk through before casting more for the 12% bonus. Another benefit of the screen is you get a ton of free energy if you drop it on a group.


  1. Drop screen in enemy’s face

  2. Walk through screen

  3. Ult for big pp damage

  4. Normal > charged > repeat while waiting for cooldowns


Ningguang is in an interesting spot when it comes to her cons. She has very good constellations, but they still aren’t necessary for her to be a top tier DPS. I’d try to get at least C1 though because…

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

AoE damage makes a verry big difference for her.

With that I’d say she has everything she needs, but for the cherry on top you can try for C2 and C6.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

This will allow for more damage in your burst combo and always having screen up when you need it.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

Even more damage for your burst combo. Not at all necessary, but definitely nice.


Now that we know what Ning can do, which weapons work well with her?

Well, best in slot is Lost Prayer of the Sacred Winds. You get great base attack, crit rate as secondary stat, and an awesome utility/damage effect. Of course, most of us aren’t lucky enough for that, so…

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

Crit rate and what amounts to a psuedo-permanent 20% damage buff? Sounds good.

Very much within reach for everyone is the battlepass catalyst, Solar Pearl. This weapon is insane on Ning. We get crit rate and, with a little understanding, a 20% boost for almost all of our damage.

Some other weapons of note are:

  • Skyward Atlas – It’s a 5 star, so it has great base attack of course. I don’t have one so I can’t test to see if it works better than Solar Pearl with it’s higher stats and lower elemental damage bonus.

  • Memory of Dust – Again, don’t have one, but this is probably just as good as Lost Prayer with the correct team. If you manage to keep a shield (not hard) the effect is almost twice as good as the Pearl.

  • Widsith – While the effect has a 1/3 chance of being useless damage-wise for Ning, the crit damage secondary is very nice.

  • Mappa Mare – Our F2P option. The elemental mastery doesn’t do us much good since we only get extra shield strength. However, the ability for constant crystallize reactions means Ning can always keep 2 damage bonus stacks up from the weapon effect.


Imo the best choice for Ning is 2 set Archaic Petra, 2 set Gladiator’s for the damage and attack bonuses.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

You could also choose to run 2 set Noblesse over Gladiators for the ult damage bonus, but I haven’t gotten any Noblesse good enough to test with…

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

Team Comp

Since Ning is pretty self-sufficient, building a team around her can be a bit challenging. Ideally, you’d want Geo resonance for the 15% attack damage bonus. Outside of that, there are a lot of options.

Here is the main crew I run with.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

With this crew, Fischl works almost as a sub-dps with her Oz damage. Here’s a summary.

  • Ning – Our heavy hitter

  • Fischl – Generate crystallize shields for resonance bonus, do crazy electro damage without doing any work. You will regularly see 15K electro damage just by summoning Oz with the right build.

  • Venti – Ult so Ning can kill entire groups at once with AoE damage. Also nice for extra energy/exploration.

  • Noelle – Heals

Let’s theorycraft some other options:

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

Defensive comp with Qiqi for ridiculous healing and Big Daddy Zong to petrify/buff with Noblesse set. Barbara and Noelle can replace the 5 stars for similar effect.

r/Genshin_Impact - Detailed Ningguang Guide - The Rich Geo Onee-san

Offensive comp with Bennett buff/pyro resonance. Xiangling will be our shieldbot instead of Fischl.

There are, of course, many more comps that will work with her. Try with characters you like and see what works!

Advanced Stuff

So, after going through all of that here’s a few things I’ve picked up while maining Ningguang.

Ideal Burst Combo with constellations and Solar Pearl:

  1. Summon Oz (or whatever you’re using to get your crystallize reactions)

  2. Ning normal attack (Solar Pearl 20% damage boost)

  3. Drop screen on enemies

  4. Pick up shield crystal (usually automatic)

  5. Walk through Jade Screen (2nd talent 12% geo damage boost)

  6. Ult

  7. Charged attack (C6 extra gems)

  8. Drop screen on enemies (C2 cooldown reset)

Normal attack animation cancel:

Hold W (forward) while doing your normal attack to cancel the animation about halfway through. This allows you to get out more charged attacks for higher DPS while waiting on cooldowns.

Artifact main stats:

Probably obvious, but here’s what you want your main stats to be:

Artifact substats:

You might be tempted to get energy recharge to ult spam on Ning, but this really isn’t necessary for her. With Jade screen cooldown being so low (especially with C2) you’re never going to have a hard time charging up your ult. Usually it’ll be charged before the cooldown ends when you’re fighting multiple enemies.

Here’s what you wanna look for – Crit rate > crit damage > ATK %/flat ATK

The End

That’s all I can think of. Lemme know any cool comps you found or if I got anything wrong. Hopefully this is helpful and not too annoying to read. o/ Peace

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