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Genshin Impact Diona Character Guide – One of the Most Valuable Support/Healer for Current and Upcoming Content! By: Not-Casuals


Hey everyone, here is our in-depth Character Build Guide for Diona!

I will edit and add the video version of this guide here shortly!

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Disclaimer: Yes, EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. in this game is amazing, especially with a high level, decent artifacts and good weapons. That is the essence behind all of our character guides, which only have the purpose of guiding towards that goal and showcasing all characters in their best light! The clips in this video include a variety of characters, but luckily, Bennett doesn’t boost Diona’s abilities so they should be safe to use. My Diona is level 70, using a full set of Noblesse Oblige, with ER%/HP%/Healing Bonus, which is not optimal considering my gear level, but it is the best I have that is leveled up. She also uses a level 70 Sacrificial Bow with 3 Refinement levels and she is also at C6, as I got pretty lucky in the Childe Banner.

Diona is easily one of the best support character in the game, and the only Cryo character that currently offers shielding capabilities. She is also a Loli with Cat Ears who heals by throwing Drinks on the ground, which means she is everything you ever wanted in your party.

Cryo being such an important element in Genshin Impact for both Melt comps, which are arguably the highest DPS comps in the game, as well as Superconduct, which is immensely powerful for physical dps builds, as well as with her Shield being very powerful against Cryo Damage in the Current State of the game and with Dragonspine coming in 1.2, it is fair to say that Diona can easily be considered an S+ Tier Healer and Support.

In this guide, I will cover Diona’s entire Kit, going over her Abilities, Talents and Constellations and how to use them. I will also explain the different Stat Priorities you should be focusing on her gear, and go over her best Weapon Choices as well as Artifact Sets. Lastly, I will give a few very important Tips and Team Comp suggestions for this amazing support.



  • Her normal attacks are standard for bow users, with pretty low scaling, the big takeaway here is that charge shots are Cryo and can be used to break shields, especially useful for Fatui Electro Shields.

Elemental Skill

  • Icy Paws, her shielding ability, is absolutely amazing. You can either Press it, or Hold it, to launch 2-5 Icy Paws that will generate a shield around your character which will last longer the more paws hit their target. Note that hitting the floor or an obstacle still counts. Also, it cleanses you from some debuffs when activated, which is HUGE. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds when pressed, and 15 seconds when held and the scaling of the shield is amplified using Diona’s Max HP.
    It is usually recommended to hold this ability for more efficient scaling (75% DMG Absorption Bonus) and better energy/orb generation. This is especially true when using Sacrificial Bow which can reset its cooldown. The shield will also be 250% Stronger against Cryo Attacks, which makes Diona one of the best characters to bring when facing strong Cryo Enemies.

Elemental Burst

  • Her ultimate ability is her only Healing Source. She throws a drink on the floor which will create a very large circle that will both heal your Characters standing in it, as well as do continuous Cryo Damage to all enemies within it. The healing scales off her Max HP. This ability will last 12 seconds and has 20 seconds of cooldown, with a pretty high energy cost of 80.

Passive Talents

  • Cat’s Tail Secret Menu; buffs characters who are shielded with her Icy Paws by giving them 10% Movement Speed and 10% Reduced Stamina Consumption. This is a VERY powerful buff for the Abyss Quality of Life.

  • Drunkard’s Farce; allows her Ult to also decrease the ATK of enemies by 15% when they enter her it’s radius.


Next, we have her Constellations, which are very powerful, though it is important for you to understand that she is still AMAZING even with 0 Constellations, and her kit works completely fine at C0. Her first big power spike is at C2, which makes her even stronger, and then C6, which is one of the most overpowered Constellations of any supports in the game.

  • The First Constellation will regenerate 15 Energy out of the 80 Cost once her Ult duration Ends. This is a very great energy recharge buff.

  • The Second Constellation increases the DMG of Icy Paws by 15% and the Shield Absorption by 15%. In Co-op, it also allows her to give a weaker shield to all allies.

  • The Fourth Constellations, is probably one of her weakest one, as it reduces the casting time of her Charged Aimed Shots by 60% when standing in her Ult Radius. This is only not very meaningful but can prove quite useful to destroy Shields faster, especially against easily one of the worst enemies in the game, the Electro Fatuis.

  • The Sixth Constellation, is absolutely amazing in all aspects. It buffs her Elemental Burst, enhancing the healing it does by 30% when your Character is under 50% HP, and then, gives the Character a 200 Elemental Mastery buff when their HP is over 50%. This means it will quickly heal you, and then grant you an insanely powerful EM buff after it has done so. 200 EM can boost the DMG of reactions that she enables by more than 30%, which is incredibly powerful for a Ult that continuously damages enemy with Cryo, thus enabling tons of reactions.

Stat Priority

The primary stats that you will be aiming for to build a Support or Healer Diona are quite simple;

  1. Energy Recharge is a high priority on her as that is her only way of healing. Around 200% is a great place to be. Keep in mind that if you have Sacrificial Bow and her First Constellation, you will need less Energy Recharge and can focus on building more HP.

  2. HP is what you will want the most otherwise, as her Shields and Healing both scale off of it entirely.

  3. Healing Bonus is also a great stat for her, but it doesn’t buff her shields, so depending on your needs, it might be better to stick with HP

  4. With this in mind, you will be looking for:

  • Sands: Energy Recharge or HP%

  • Goblet: HP%

  • Circlet: HP% or Healing Bonus

  • Perfect Sub Stats for her would have HP%, Flat HP and Energy Recharge


1. Sacrificial Bow is her best in slot weapon. As a 4 Star weapon that comes from the Gacha, it has Energy Recharge and performs the best with her because of its ability to reset the cooldown on her Elemental Skill, which makes it even better when using the Hold Version. Since it will hit multiple targets, you will very often be getting your cooldown reset, which also allows you to generate tons of energy orb as well as destroy the Electro Fatui Shields almost instantly.

2. Favonius Warbow, a weapon you get for free, is also going to be an amazing weapon, having a very high Energy Recharge value as well as a great ability that lets your Crits generate energy orbs. This weapon will make you focusing on using her Ult a lot.

3. Recurve Bow will be the best option as a 3 Star Weapon, since it grants HP.


  • 4-Piece Maiden Beloved is her most obvious choice in terms of Artifact Sets. It is the best set for most healers as it provides very great buffs and bonuses for them.

  • 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige can also be a good option if you do not have another character wearing it in your party. This will make you heal for less, but when you have pretty good gear and are good at dodging, you shouldn’t need the healing buffs as much and she can take care of bringing this must-have artifact set for your team.

  • When using 3 and 4 star artifacts, Exile and Scholar can both be good options as well! Take note that Retracing Bolide does NOT work well on her, as it doesn’t keep the extra shielding when you switch characters.

Team Comp and Tips

  • Some of the best characters to pair with Diona are going to be Razor and Keqing, when built for physical damage, using the shield first and then proccing super-conduct easily to decrease the defense of enemies.

  • Klee and Diluc are also amazing choices, as Diona’s ult continuously triggers Cryo, which enables them to proc Melts often, for a 200% DMG Bonus. The Shield reducing the stamina consumption is also a huge buff for Klee!

  • While she perform exceptionally well with those characters, she works with EVERYONE as a healer/support, and there is literally no downside to ever bringing her in any team to fill that role.

  • The best advice I could give when playing Diona as your only healer in the party is to make sure you have enough Energy Recharge to have your Ult consistently up when you need it. Feel free to play around with it in the Abyss and see where you feel comfortable. Depending on Level, Weapon and Constellations, you can also run her completely as a Shielder with tons of HP, and not require much of her healing, though her Ult is still insanely powerful to trigger Cryo Reactions.

  • She is arguably one of the most useful characters in the game for Abyss Floor 12 and for dealing with the hardest mobs in there, which are level 100 Electro Fatuis. Not only does her shield get buffed like crazy against Cryo, which is the entirety of this floor, but she can break the Electro Shields 2x faster than Qiqi when using her Charged Shots, and as Quickly as Chongyun when using her Skill with Sacrificial Bow.

  • While her healing might be lower than others like Qiqi, one of the biggest factor in what makes Diona such a strong character is the shield, which have quite high value with good gear, and can allow your DPS to do more damage without being staggered (especially by those annoying icicles) or even needing to dodge!

I hope that you guys enjoyed this guide, feel free to ask any questions or share you tips about her! Let us know what you think of her so far and what combos you think are best for her in the comments! –Xoraz Youtube.com/NotCasuals


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