Genshin Impact – DPS Jean Gameplay – Spiral Abyss Floor 1 to 5 (Build Details On Description & Sub)


I’ll be showcasing Jean’s potential as a DPS focusing on physical damage. Focusing on physical damage, Jean’s normal attacks could be fully utilized while waiting for cooldowns. This is useful as a 1 time ascended Jean has a 50% chance to heal herself and party members per hit. I used Prototype Rancour as it’s easy to obtain as you could craft it. It also has Physical DMG Bonus. Jean’s artifacts all have ATK as primary stats. I used 2x Martial Artist and 2x Sojourner. Gladiator will do as well. Feel free to swap any of the party members, this video is meant to showcase Jean’s capability to be a DPS/Tank. We’ll be going through Spiral Abyss Floor 1 to 5 to show the amount of damage Jean could dish.

That’s 400 to 800 damage. Venti’s spam burst is due to Jean. Damage is 390 and 868. Then 885. Enjoy the rest! Check out Jean’s damage along the floor levels. Do check out the heals per attack as well, it’s usually 200+ hp. More info is provided in the description!.

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