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Genshin Impact Drop Rates REVEALED | Get MAX Drops & Save Resin



That’S right guys we’re gon na be armed with hard core facts today as to the drop rates of stuff in the game, when you guys should be spending that resin for the best resources available for you, whether it’s world boss farming for character, ascension materials or go Ahead and get those five-star awakening, mats or the five-star artifacts or even what is the drop rate on the prototype things anyhow, and should you be waiting just a little bit longer to try to maximize the drop rates there? This is gon na be brought to you by the data collection community. I was uh reached out to buy them to see if i could help you guys get in there and also help out with this as well, because the more people input their data. The more accurate this is going to be because we have a larger sample size over time, but with that being said before we get into that part about how you can help out. Let’S take a look at the data itself, so, as you can see here, i’m gon na be down in the corner. I’M gon na try to not block it as much as possible. This is the data that’s collected so far, most people that are helping with this data are world level, four, five and six. So that’s the most accurate data that we have here. So you can see the drop rates for three star four star and five star artifacts. That’S been collected so far uh. What does this mean?

So if you see 2.89, that means on average between those 187 runs here in the pyro regis fine 187 runs at world level. Five 2.89 was the average of blue artifacts, so two to three blue artifacts there. If you were to run that 1.1 of the four star artifacts so one to two four-star artifacts and point one, eight percent on the five-star artifacts now obviously 187 runs that’s still a decent amount. But we’re trying to get more people in here to make this even more accurate, but what you can gather from this is the drop rate increases on the five star artifacts here world level, five to six. It goes from one point point, one, eight to point three: nine. So there is some sort of substantial increase, possibly double – maybe 20 percent up to 40 percent from world level 5 to world level 6 – and this holds true, if you compare it to the other bosses that are run, corral registering 0.17 on world level, 5 point uh Set 3-6 here on world level, 6. So right around a twenty percent ish average. It looks like to forty percent. If you compare this all of an ocean in point two one on world level. Five point: four: oh on world level. Six, so it looks like twenty percent is what we’re aiming for here, what the actual average here on world of bosses on world level? Five: twenty percent five star right! That’S where you get those gladiator pieces! So if you’re really trying to farm up gladiator set, you might even wait until you’re world level, six to four that 40, that’s double the drop rate on average compared to world level five.

Now, if you went to world level seven, it’s another 20 increase, so that goes from 40 drop rate to 60 and that’s a 50 drop rate increase, not a 100 drop rate increase, so you know i would definitely wait for world level six. That seems to be about the on average, if you’re really trying to farm up those artifacts for gladiator, obviously farmer, world bosses up for their ascension materials. Those don’t seem to substantially change at any given time. If you take a look at the subs uh, the essential materials here for the power registrant, cryo retrofit ocean animal hypostasis – all of those things here, if you take a look at their hardcore things outside of them being gated at certain world level, ranks for certain ascension Mats, there’s doesn’t seem to be a giant leap in anything here so world level, four for the purple, ascension man, seven percent – it looks like here, that’s the first time. You see that because it’s hard gated, you can’t get a drop at war level, one two or three. It seems due to this data set. Obviously, it’s a lower sample size there on lower world level runs, but if you look at any of the other ones, they also do not seem to be dropping or levels one two or three. So with that being said, you go from seven percent to fourteen percent to fifteen percent to fifteen percent, so they don’t really seem to substantially increase at your world level beyond five now, obviously, like i keep repeating larger sample size, you guys get out there. You follow those links down in the description.

Just keep that sheet handy every single time. You do something and the bosch is popping in there real, quick, and this makes it even more accurate. It’S a nice little google sheet it’ll, send it right into uh right to them, so they can put it in the uh into the spreadsheet here, and it’s going to work out wonderfully that way. It’S gon na help further community and really the genji impact community player base. There’S a difference between a player-based community. The player base is so large that, if a little bit of you guys get in there and help out, we can do some crazy things together guys and we want to do some crazy things on this channel. Make sure you come back for more because we’re trying to grow our community here as well, get that factual information out for you guys all that cool stuff things that you can do in the game with certain characters. If you put your mind to it – and you know the math behind the game, you can do a lot of cool stuff. You want to see more of that stuff, go ahead and follow the channel here as well. So, basically, this is what it looks like for. The different world bosses, as far as it comes to the elemental world bosses i like to call them nothing, substantially changes you guys want to look more into these guys on your own than go for it, but i just wanted to point out specifically for these guys.

The five-star artifact right is very, very, very interesting between world level. Five and six because it’s looking like 20 to 40, that’s twice the drop rate and then, if you want to wait a whole another five levels ar 50, you get 20 more and that’s a 50 increase instead of doubling it up. So keep that in mind. There also that could change the more data that we get now. Let’S take a look at the other world bosses who have you know the lupus borealis devolent and the new tartaglia world boss here. So the one thing that everyone wants to know about what about the prototype drop rates? What do they look like here? So the ones that we can really take a look at because they have the larger sample size once again, world level, four, five and six so far, uh for all of them, uh world level, one two and three there’s not as many runs you’re gon na see A little bit of discrepancies there, just because of rng, as you can see here, andrus lupus boris here. If you look at the prototype for world level, two there’s only been four runs done period, but somehow it’s got a 50 dropper. Does that mean you should be running this at world level? Two? No! This is going to be a statistical anomaly.

There’S only four different uh data sets in there four different attempts and that dude got super lucky. You got them to drop each time, half the time. So keep that in mind, that’s why this is 50. But if you compare this to a lot of the other ones, you look at worlds level, uh, four, five and six, because that’s the largest sample size, the most runs done. You can see that it’s right around it looks to be like a 20-ish percent drop rate, give or take a little bit there. Uh 19 here at world level, 4. 16, world level, 5, 20 at world level. Six, so obviously you would have to go back and say: why does this 19 at world level four? Is that better than five should i start doing four? No like again compare the runs. 21 runs 19, not as large as the sample size as the 107 runs at world level. 5. That means the more accurate information here so far is going to be the world level. 5. 107 runs 16 ish percent there. As you can see, you compare it to the volume here, while level 585 runs done, 12-ish percent, so it’s going to be somewhere between that 12. That 12 and 15-ish percent world level, 5 prototype drop rate, is kind of what we’re looking at here and nothing really substantially changes. You can go ahead and look at the lupus borious uh, the world level. Six drop right here, 21-ish percent with 73 runs done. However, if you compare that to uh the the fallen one world level, six here 13 runs down only 15 and, as you can see world level, it’s not world level. Six is the volume level six there’s not as much as the sample size here.

So i would expect this one to grow and match the lupus one and go ahead and check out the uh, the tartaglia child fight as well. The domain level here for him, two 16-ish percent 43 runs done a domain level. Three 75 runs done, 12-ish percent there. So these are gon na, be you know, there’s some sort of discrepancy going on there, but look for it to be like a 15-ish percent drop right there you say 15. How come i haven’t gotten one. Yet 15 is a very low drop rate, especially considering that, maybe you guys can only be doing two of these a week for the longest time odds are not in your favor to get multiple of these with a 15 drop rate and considering that’s 15 at domain Level or world level, four five: six, it’s going to be even lower before that. So keep that in mind there. The other thing to point out with these is that you can get the final right, the big, the big, a lovely mat, the gold uh talent, leveling mat here from the lupus boris, the violin fights you can start getting those obviously at world level, five right, we’ve Seen that before um at certain levels, these unlock, but the next level, it seems to actually give you a pretty good chance of getting two of them. So if you look at the lupus boris here, we’re level five here for him, you have a look at one. One percent 1.01, so it cannot drop more than one apparently, unless someone, you know fudge a little data there, uh one person out of 107 runs seem to have gotten a second copy of a five-star talent awakening material.

However, if you look at world level six for lupus boris here 1.51, it substantially increases so about 50 of the time you’re gon na get two of these materials. So get your world level up. That’S gon na be a great thing and then the last one to look at is world level. Seven. It says 2.0 on it now, there’s only five runs done, but for all five of those people to get a double drop. That’S a pretty substantial thing now that could not be a double drop. It could be like a one. You know a 75 chance of an extra one with only five runs done. That could be a thing there as well, and that would match up with some of the other data we have. So i don’t expect you know world level 7 to be a full 2.0 drop there on lupus boris, but the thing to take away from that. Well, level: five, you start getting them guaranteed we’re level. Six you’re gon na get one and a half on average. Every time you do him there, so deval in here same sort of story. Um you gain access to this. You can start dropping them in a good frequency at the ball on level. Four, you get a round one. Apparently it can drop, not one. We have point nine nine percent so far here from the data set that we see here, but the next tear up the volume level, four domain level. Four one point: four six percent, so once again same sort of thing, it seems to be like a 50-ish percent.

The run done here is only 85. We need a much larger sample size, so we need you guys to get out. There share this video, so people can maybe look at the data themselves and have another way of you guys explaining to them in your off time. Why this is so important, so everyone can be armed with the information for the stuff we have now in into the future guys, it’s a big thing having the community come together, so keep that in mind as well. Now the child thing here same sort of thing: 1.0, around at domain level, 2 domain level, 3, 1.42. So right around that 50ish percent bonus there give or take some sample set size and then the last one here 1.86 at domain level. Four here only seven runs done now. The thing that needs the most work on guys is going to be the artifact sets when you’re getting in there and you’re farming obviously give you a better idea of. What’S going on there, um, not a lot of players, have farmed a whole bunch and put in data for some of the other ones, so hidden palace of zoo formula, not a lot of work has been done in this one: clear pool mountain cavern, not a lot Of work has been done in this one, but some of the more farmed up sets are in here. We have some midsummer courtyard domain of goo yoon and you can see domain level. Five right you get in there, 50-ish percent, it seems to be 40-ish percent 50. Somewhere in there give or take, it seems to be the drop rate for these four-star artifacts, these ones down here, 33, 39, 100 and something runs done. We want much larger, runs much larger sample size for this uh, but that is something that i get asked all the time.

Is it worth running for five-star artifacts uh before they’re guaranteed right before they’re guaranteed? Is it worth running them and it seems to be up to you still obviously, but it’s not like a twenty percent ten percent five percent drop rate. It seems to be a 35 40 percent drop right from what’s been gathered so far and that’s a huge deal. That’S a pretty pretty substantial increase there now, obviously afterwards, the final level or the last the next level, okay, the next level, because i don’t want to say final or next – i want this video to age a little bit better uh than them implementing a tier beyond The chair we already have um, you can get another one on top of the guaranteed one and it seems to be like a four-ish, five-ish, six or seven-ish, maybe a little bit higher than that percentage. Chance uh. We have 1.04 uh extra chance there, uh 11 extra chance, seven percent extra chance, eight percent extra chance, four percent extra chance here on these ones as well. So keep that in mind there.

The the least interesting one here so far is the talent awakening in the weapon awakening ascension materials. These ones seems to just kind of go in there and just kind of do the highest when you can anyway, it’s the best thing to do um and it just kind of grows over time with you now. Obviously, the weird one here is, if you do want specifically just green books and only green books, you don’t care about any other kind of book. You have the highest drop rate on the lowest level of the domain for the green books. By a large margin, you can compare this to some of the other ones. Now it’s not that much substantial that you should do it. In my opinion, you should always be shooting for some of the higher books, because you’re gon na need the higher books, eventually, anyway, don’t be running the lower level domain just for the green books, just because they have a better drop rate uh due to some of The data sets that you might see here, um but definitely go in there. You don’t want to be giving up. Some of the purple book drops just for some green books just run the dungeon again. Take that you know single or double triple book that you get there for the purple book and uh. Take that as a w and get out of dodge there. Obviously, and the drop rates for the gold ones seem to be extremely low, seven to ten percent. So probably like that seven five percent the sample size here is actually pretty large here. 294 runs in cecilia garden, 208 runs in hidden palace of leonshan formula here, 0.07, so 7 and 0.1. So right there that’s seven to ten percent of those five star: uh gold, talent, slash weapon or weapon awakening materials. There excuse me they’re, not actually talent awakening materials there and if you guys want to go ahead and check out even more stuff the actual breakdown they have all that stuff for you guys uh to go ahead and look at this is where all your data is Going to be recorded, you don’t have to put it in here, though. Let’S show you exactly what it is that you’re going to be doing so it’s going to be very simple i’ll. Have the link for this down below make sure you do use that and like this video?

So this can get out there even more, but what you’re gon na be doing you’ll be clicking on the link for the gunship impact, dropway, uh questionnaire and anytime. You want to put in data. This is gon na, be the easiest way for you to do it. You can put in your discord, handle you don’t have to uh it’s an optional thing, so don’t go ahead and do that feel like you’re pressured to do that. If you need to it’s an optional thing, all you’re going to be doing is putting your world rank. This is going to help them decide where to put you in that data set. So this is going to help out say i’m i’m ar uh 45 49 somewhere. That i’m world level six i’m trying to in this point in time. Maybe i just ran into volun, so i’ll go in with deval in here and then i’ll click on next, because that’s the one thing that i’m reporting on it’s gon na ask me how many prototype weapons that i dropped. You know it’s gon na be pretty easy to determine whether or not you got one because you’ll be like. Yes, i got one or you might be like. I got the wrong one. So uh, you know you put in some random number there uh equal to whatever it is that you actually got you’ll keep track of how many two star three-star four-star five-star, artifacts, that you got in there if you didn’t get any you’ll put in none um. If you did get some you’ll put in up to seven, you can see here and then it you’ll keep track of your ascension materials here. So your essential materials um. These are gon na, be the different materials used to awaken your characters.

Uh, as this explains it right here, um the seeds that it says here are the ever flame seeds. The hurricane sees the horror, frost cores those unique rare materials, including stuff, like the five star ones, like the valance plume, the tale of borealis. If you’ve got like two devolence plume or something you would put a two in there, obviously and you’d keep track of what other stuff that you got. If that boss doesn’t currently drop right, say maybe you’re doing um devolent you’ve got two to volunteer material, maybe got a talent and a breath and he doesn’t drop into the other stuff for you right he’s not dropping the the elemental awakening materials for your characters. You just put an a because it’s not applicable, that’s all that you would do there and uh that’s what you can be doing for that side of the form there and then you can go ahead and you can upload a screenshot here for you guys as well. Keep that in mind we have to blank out this email address of mine up there um, but uh uh in-game screenshots are required, so you just alt print screen and you add the file there for you guys there and you’ll be good to go there. This helps them keep it from people just uploading, random stuff and making the whole data set inaccurate uh, that’s the thing that you guys want to be taking away from this. Is that we’re helping out a whole bunch with this data set? Hopefully, you guys found the data that we have right now, um as a very valid resource. Hopefully you guys want to contribute to that data.

It does take a little bit of work right. It does take a little bit of time. You got to be like what all right, so i just beat a boss, blah blah blah blah blah pop it in there. Oh, oh print screen boom upload that file good to go there. So with that being said, guys, thank you for spending that time here today, a little bit of longer videos, we’re trying to explain this stuff, get this out there, whether it’s this video or just word of mouth, the information down there, because if we can all come Together, we have more accurate information on drop rates, data collection and a lot of different ways, a lot of cool stuff for you guys out there. So that being said, uh thanks to reaching out for me the data collection community. Hopefully we can do some cool stuff with that being said, uh i already said, that’s being said, i’m just gon na end. The video take care guys i’ll see you guys bye.

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