Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible – New player pocket guide (how to) By: Dovaz


In today’s pocket guide I show how to do the new Co-op event Elemental Crucible. This guide is intended for newer players but may be helpful for high AR people looking to get a very low completion time. If you prefer not to read I have put a lot of effort into a video guide that you can find MY VIDEO GUIDE HERE

I’m a new content creator but am trying to bring my best for this game. Genshin Impact has it’s current flaws but it really inspires me to make informative video guides that are hopefully entertaining as well. I hope I am following the self promotion guidelines correctly by providing the following text guide as well!

To start follow these steps. Step 1: Talk to Timaeus at the alchemy table in Mondstadt. Step 2: Head to the Thousand Winds Temple Arena. Step 3: Talk to Timaeus when you find him at the Arena. Step 4: Touch the Crucible and begin matchmaking!

Once the battle begins you will need to gather elemental clots. These appear after defeating enemies. You can carry 3 clots of the same element at a time to bring to the crucible.

Elemental clots can react negatively to clots of other elements as well as enemy attacks. Don’t get yourself blown up!

Try to gather the same element colour repeatedly and you will become “inoculated” gaining even more efficiency when turning in that specific element for a set period of time.

Once your team fills the bar and fights off all the badies you can claim your rewards, at the cost of a… “minimal” amount of resin. These rewards are worth a little more than 2 character EXP leylines for the same resin cost. This means if you want character EXP this event might be for you.

Or you can just do it for free until you complete your battle pass and Alchemy notebook and then go back to staring at beautiful sunsets.

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