Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and welcome to this video, I’m going to show you and explain to you What happened to Elemental Crucible in Genshin Impact Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it by subscribing Ring bell to help youtube algorithm now back to video. So if you log in In the game today, you might have noticed that a new event has been added to the melting pot, So the first step is to find timius. You can read more about the event here, so it appears He collects. Different types of items puts them in the crucible and then gets rewards, But it will only last for the next six days, so I wanted to jump in on this quickly.

You can too Click on the question mark and it can take you an overview of what it’s about Anyway, we’re here with timius in uh monsta. So here’s the first step. So, let’s see, Let’s see what he has to say, Wait a little sorry. I need your help. I need advances in chemical studies so clearly, this approach does not bring me anything Well, you’re, switching to biochemistry uh, there’s nothing specifically known about it. Both elements of alchemy are its elements. Let us see the repulsion of the elements themselves. I just so know that fast reading or the conversion process makes initial interactions effective. So I think the general purpose idea is that it will make it clear that we need to Gather the different items and put them in the crucible. As I said, this process begins.

Well with him now, the next step is going to the Temple of the Thousand Winds over there, But once we reach the Temple of the Thousand Winds, we will continue for a moment. Well, you have reached the temple, and here it is time again So here’s the crucible, let’s launch it, Igniting the troubling uh crucible of racial influence in the will of the primary crucible. Push the chemical process forward. The finger monsters will cause the drag element to drop When the carrier picks up a new elemental cloud. The one it was carrying falls off Clouds or elemental. Clots will interact with other elements and lose energy, and It disappears after too many interactions with um. Once there is a constant number of initial clots, The energies of the transported elements will inoculate the carrier causing the initial clot to move From this element more efficiently.

The shovel clots in the crucible lead to the performance of the chemical, Conversions and acquiring secret treasures are okay, so I had to quickly deal with this devastation On the ground. Let’S start this process so light the crucible so help light it for sure It will cost. You 40 resin to be able to collect the treasures, but you can see that you are getting them Collection of higher level rewards. So why not start it? Ah Magic is successful because it is a cooperative event. So, let’s see what it’s about!

Let’S see how it goes Well, it looks like we just bombed Uh creatures. We have 14 or 15 minutes to do this and then, when they die, bring the items To principle. Well, I guess what they said was also not to mix different types of items. Mother, The crucible is about to expire, love, Well, he’s dead. Well, it says I was Electrocardiogram, so I’ll get more rewards if I bring the electrodes.

So let me do it, But there is an element of resourcing that looks like you can only keep three at a time. Uh bring back the resources and kill the mobs There you go. It took three minutes Nice. Well, let’s collect a treasure that will cost us. 40, cute resins. I think this is a men’s event. That is the melting pot of the elements Um then, when finished simply leave the team, as you like, with any dungeon for it, It took us three minutes, got a bunch of rewards and so on. A combination of collecting um items and returning them to the crucible Also uh kill monsters along the way, because that will help bring them down and yeah so check it out. Will the primary crucible only be available for the next six days or so And uh? Look what you guys think after editing for free here there too Chemistry handbook for doing this. It will give you various rewards for a specific completion, Uh quantity of the crucible.

So this is like your reward for doing it over and over again And your motivation to do it over and over again. So I’ve done it once so far, so I can claim the following: The rewards so take a look at them over and over again and then over and over again, Ah yeah so see. If I can do it up to 20 times, there are a bunch of gems I can get, and So look at this to see if you are able to achieve everything within it and enjoy the action So anyway, that’s it for this video, if you liked it Make sure you like it, You can watch the video there as I got your last download there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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