Genshin Impact Elemental Energy Overflowing Achievement Guide (3 minute coop challenge) By: ePower93


Hey everyone, just wanted to share some quick and easy tips on completing the sub 3 minute crucible coop challenge. It’s not too difficult of a challenge but these tips should give you an added little boost into completing it. Help this helps!

*You do not need to use resin to repeat the event, just don’t claim your rewards*

  1. Food Buff

Having a food buff makes this challenge much easier. My recommendations would be either the cream stew or the sticky honey roast. One reduces stamina consumption by 20% and the other by 25% if it is perfect.

2) Spread Out

Keep your party spaced out to cover more ground. Monsters will always spawn in the same locations so it is not a bad idea to position your teammates with where the monsters are spawning (although this doesn’t matter too much). However, what is important is spreading out and picking up elemental clots in your designated areas.

3) Be ready for specific monsters

From my experience, I’ve seen either the fatui electro mage spawn with two slimes or two abyss mages with the same randomized element of either fire, water, electro, and cryo. I have found that dealing with the fatui electro mage and slimes are a lot easier than dealing with the abyss mages. The abyss mages can really screw your team over if you don’t have a character to deal with the corresponding shield. My best clear time was going up against the fatui electro mage and getting the team to use their elemental bursts when they spawn at the first checkpoint.

4) Make the most of the inoculated windows

The inoculated windows will happen after killing the mobs that spawn from the first and second checkpoints. The first checkpoint being either the electro mage or the abyss mages and the second checkpoint will be the two large elite mitachurls.

Typically to hit the sub 3 minute timer, you will stop killing additional mobs after the second check point (the two large elite mitachurls). The whole party should start running the elemental clots back to the furnace at that point.

The players who are inoculated MUST run the elemental clots of their assigned element. This will help tremendously.


You can really get screwed up if you get hit while holding the elemental clots. You will get knocked down and lose out on all the clots that you are holding. This hurts even more if you are inoculated and you are carrying 3 of the large clots. So definitely do your best in avoiding to get hit.

I made a short youtube video for those who would prefer to listen rather than read.

If you are still having trouble in completing the event. I will be happy to help (global), just shoot me a DM.

Cheers! Hope this helps.

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