Genshin Impact Elemental Energy & Re-Charging Your Ultimate! (Energy Recharge) By: Deku_Media

r/Genshin_Impact - Guide: Elemental Energy & Re-Charging Your Ultimate! (Energy Recharge)

I made a guide talking about Elemental Energy & the various ways to recharge Elemental Bursts!

You need 40-80 Energy to charge your character’s Elemental Burst (Ult) Gauge.
Ways to charge:

  1. Every 4-attacks charges 1 Energy. (Only applies to character on the field)

  2. Damaging/Killing enemies gives a varying amount of elemental energy particles/orbs.

  3. Using Elemental Reactions has a chance to generate elemental energy particles/orbs.
    – 100% chance if using a team of two Electro & creating an electro-related reaction.

  4. Elemental Skills (R2/E) generate an elemental particle of the type that the character is using.
    – Xiangling’s Guoba, for example, generates PYRO particles for every enemy he hits.
    – Some characters don’t generate energy from their skill & need good supports.
    – Particles of the SAME element grant MORE energy to units of the same element.
    * Xiangling’s Elemental Skill generates more energy for Klee (Pyro) than Jean (Anemo).

  5. Certain weapons, artifacts, & talents can generate more energy for your characters!
    – Weapons/Artifact Sets with Energy Recharge main/sub stat.
    – Weapons with a skill that recharges energy, based on specific actions.
    – Two-piece artifact sets with Energy Recharge bonuses.
    – Talents that generate more energy based on specific actions. (i.e. Venti & Klee)

r/Genshin_Impact - Guide: Elemental Energy & Re-Charging Your Ultimate! (Energy Recharge)

Particle Distribution Chart

In-depth video guide:

Chart/Team Building Resources:*Vd5wZQk0JlWS21JHWxGEWQ#


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