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Genshin Impact Equip and Party Make-up By: tyw214


Since there are quite a bit of questions after people read about Mona Nuke from the other thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/jhl3pr/mona_nuke_and_the_two_ways_to_do_it/

I. Party Choices

This thread will be the most common Mona Nuke equip and party member choices. The traditional core of the Nuke party is always these two:


I highly suggest leveling Bennett if you have him at constellation 1 or above. he is in my opinion the strongest support in game by far. he can pass off 100%+ of his BASE atk (base stat + weapon stat) to anyone inside the circle, at the same time can heal base on his HP. He is very tanky, he is fire element (one of the best element), and he can be used in all other parties beside Mona.

So as you can see, to perform Mona Nuke, you actually dont’ have to invest too much into obscure characters.

Other party members you can use to maximize the nuke damage:Sucrose (rate up right now) – If you dont’ have Wendy Sucrose is highly recommended as she can gather mob. However if you already have Wendy, you might think twice if you want to invest in Sucrose, because to make Sucrose effective you HAVE to ascend her to unlock 70 cap (4th ascend) to gain the second passive “Mollis Favonius” which allows her to pass TWENTY PERCENT of her TOTAL Elemental Mastery. That’s right, this includes Elemental Mastery from EQUIP as well. At this early stage of the game’s cycle it may not seem a lot, but as equip keep scaling, this type of Percent base scaling will become very powerful.

4th Member

Any second fire member – simply because double fire will give you a 25% ATK buff. Any Fire will do, but I recommend either Diluc or Klee because they can act as a Main/Sub-DPS while your nuke is down which allows you to face more versatile mobs. For killing single mobs.

Any second Wind member – Wendy or Jean. Faster travel, less CD, more healing or more mob killing power. For killing lots of small mobs.

Beidou or Fischl – They can act just like Diluc or Klee as secondary DPS, and because they provide very good damage for reacting with Mona. With a nuke build your Mona’s Electro-Charge reaction will gain 100% increased damage easily.

II. Artifact Choices


– 4-piece Noblesse Oblige- 2-piece Noblesse and 2-piece Wanderer’s Troupe (or Instructor if you don’t have). This will do the most damage on Nuke.- 2-piece Wanderer’s Troupe/2-Noblesses and 2-piece Gladiator (any 2-piece attack set)/2-piece Berserker (if you need to push over 50 Crit Rate)

In general equipping in this game, you want your ATK% Bonus to be around 90%, Crit Rate and Crit Damage at a 1:2 ratio. And Crit Rate around 50%. This is because this game awards hugely to Crit.

4-piece Noblesse is easiest to farm. Wanderer and Gladiator only drops from overworld boss and dragon, and they aren’t guaranteed to drop gold from the Cube/Trees. Makes it hard to farm for good sets. 4-piece Noblesse will also provide utility for other party member if your main DPS is Diluc or something.

Piece Main Stats: feather/flower fixed. Head Crit Damage/Crit Rate depends on which you need. Clock ATK or Elemental Mastery or Energy Recharge, Cup: Energy Recharge or Hydro Damage

Sub Stats Priority: Crit (until 50%)> ATK (until around 90%) > Crit Damage = Hydro Damage = Energy Recharge = Elemental Mastery

Besides the first two stats which has sort of a diminishing return point, the rest you should just get as you see fit. Mona’s passive allow her to turn 20% energy recharge into Hydro Damage so it’s not 100% necessary to have Hydro Damage cup.


– Noblesse Oblige 4-Piece: for 20 ATK% if your Mona’s is lacking in that. Dont’ use this set if your Mona is using this set, since they don’t stack.- The Exile 4-Piece: to Recharge faster for more nukes. It gives 6 energy to all member upon using Ult. This is great if your Mona often just lacks a tiny bit for the ult.- Instructor 4-piece: This give 120 Elementary Mastery to all after using elemental skill. This will actually give the most damage to the nuke. This is usually held by Sucrose, I’ll explain why later. If your Sucrose is holding it, don’t use on Bennett.

Stats: HP > Energy Recharge > ATK = Crit rate = Crit dmg

Other stats doesn’t really matter to Bennett if you are not using him as a DPS (which you can, but not in the scope of this guide).

Bennett with enough HP gives surprising amount of healing. With a high HP Bennett, you can often heal your character past the 70% restriction. If your character is at 69% HP, a high level Bennett’s tick can go over 70% if the character’s current HP isn’t 70% or higher.


– Instructor 4-piece: The two piece set give 80 Elementary Mastery to Sucrose, which can pass on to Mona. In total Sucrose can easily pass on additional 200 Elemental Mastery (120 from Instructore 4-set effect + whatever your Sucrose Elemental Mastery is) to Mona which nearly increases the Vaporization multiplier of 2.0 to 3+

– Viridescent Venerer*: This is a very advanced set and will change your rotation completely.

In a normal Mona-Bennett-Sucrose Trio, what you will typically do using instructor set is Bennett Q, Sucrose E, Mona Q, wait 1.5-2s, Bennett E to trigger the nuke. With Viridescent Venerer, this becomes a bit more complicated and you have less time to do it. With Viridescent Venerer what you will have to do is:

  1. Mona normal attack to apply Wet

  2. Sucrose E to apply Venerer, passive 1, and passive 2, now you have 8 seconds window to complete the rest (Catalyst Conversion).

  3. Bennett E tap to get rid of the Wet that still exists

  4. Bennett Q to apply fire

  5. Switch to Mona Q wait 1.5s to 2s

  6. Bennett E to trigger nuke

Although this is more complex to perform it will probably do more damage than the instructor set (if you got good rolls). However this is extremely unfriendly for group combat because it’s nearly impossible to get rid of all the wet from Bennett’s E tap to set the stage for the combo. And it’s extremely hard to setup a group to be all effected by Venerer’s passive. Would only recommend if you are looking to slay bosses or something. If you don’t have good rolls, then a Instructor Set + Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers will probably match your damage with less complexity.

Stats: Elemental Mastery > everything else

III. Weapon Choices


5* Skyward Atlas: Good book for Mona Nuke variation however, be EXTREMELY careful of that Auto-attack orb that spawns. it can mess up your entire combo because it can break the bubble.

5* Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: Although Mona will gain absolutely no benefit from the book’s ability of stacking damage but having a base Crit Rate of 30%+ allows much easier artifact matching, and may do more damage than Skyward Atlas with not as good artifacts. 10% Movement SPD makes Mona the fastest moving creature on Land and Sea.

4* Widsith: Probably the best book for “Nuke” in 4* category but it has a very large 20second cool down on ability. You also have to get either the 96% elemental damage or 480 Elemental Mastery to match the 5* books. Not recommended if you use Mona’s a lot as main DPS since her on-field damage isn’t that good with this book at all

If you don’t have the above 3 Books, Nuke-only Mona is not that recommended as the other books’ base stats are too low or the abilities aren’t as good. But if you insist

The Favonius Codex, Sacrificial Fragments, Eye of Preception should all be around the same. in terms of overall performance. I personally like Favonius Codex more. The Mappa Mare is ok for crafted books.

I haven’t tested Solar Pearls’ ability, but 6s seems way too short to complete the combo since you have to actually start with Mona normal attack or the combo won’t work.


5* Aquila Favonia: hands down best sword for healers. Highest base attack sword in the game.5* Skyward Blade: if you dont’ have Aquila Favonia

4* Your highest base ATK sword (if the sword says gain 40% atk, it doesn’t count). Just look at its “Base ATK”


Instructor Set

3* Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers hands down best support book for any caster in the game. Super easy to get and even max Refine. 48% atk is sweet bonus. DOES NOT WORK WITH VENERER SET due to how the combo is performed.

Venerer Set

4* Any book that give Elemental Mastery: Mappa Mare, Sacrifical Fragments, etc. Since 20% of it can be passed on to Mona.


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