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Genshin Impact Events Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video I’ll show you how There will be a huge figure Fall rate, A boost for four or five stars Soon for the next couple of days In genchin effect, you have to watch Video so far, remember to give it Excellent sign Up and the bell rang on Youtube algorithm help Now back to the video. So what do they do against Its effect every now and then Releasing new events? So the way you can see what it is? Events, if you go to your options, Menu or press the Escape key on the keyboard, if You are on the computer, Then go to this here. He says Notifications and you have all these notifications coming. Events Um explain to you, but you have to go To the event. Tab So go to the event tab and you can watch what is going to happen Uh. We did, for example, the first component, A crucible. We still do now Still available uh.

Then You seize the daily login daily Event, And what will this save Between the nineteenth from October to the third Nov? Is that if your adventure is ranked 5 or Above you will get this Bonus items which are then awesome, They are making new experiments for it. We did a trial run before From venti from shaeling and so on. Now they add a test run for clee For sucrose. Wah Shinkai. May I pronounce it Wrong name Now? What else would it do? Give you some Decent bonuses too, and they are great too. You can try it if you don’t Make them fall really Now. This is what you should really pay for Pay attention to these new wish events, And that is before these weapons are available, And some people died. Some 100 people spent thousands of Dollars to get all these like Four or five star weapons. Uh helps you with the game now through This event, when you trade on On this, with your gem primer and so on, in a Between October 20 and 9 In November 2020, there will be, As they say, themselves significantly reduced Increase the rate of these elements by Five stars Elements and Four-star weapons have five-star weapons. Four cell weapons are listed here, Significant increase in the rate of decline. So far when I came close to this game that I have always used to Joe caution, I even made a video About that to explain why you pay to win.

It can be very expensive. Then too, There is another. The next event, as well as brilliance, Steps It is the same Between 20 October 9 from Nov. You will be able to try this out Characters and again The characters fall off nicely And uh. Shinkai Noel and Sucrose Get a big boost in drop rate, And if you already have these characters Great, it means you can get ah Constellation elements to them too. So now the venti component Or the ventilation cylinder has been removed. As of In 31 minutes of recording time, This video is up to the time you watch this Video. It will probably now disappear. Believe me From running this type of application for a period of time, Long long time And so they’ll be back there Be another fenty. Hmm something in the future and i will It would likely have had a significant increase in the rate of decline for Venti. So whatever you do, when you spend And trying to get this money Elements, All you actually do is get A little earlier. Maybe a couple A few weeks ago: ie, If you wait just be patient, Play the game Enjoy it, then you can really have it far. Then you finally get it all Anyway. I am a ranked 38th adventurer, I’m paying about 39 um and now You’ve spent $ zero. So far, Zero did not buy a Battle Pass. I don’t even have it Spend those five dollars a month for

Jewels Three thousand gems that I did not spend Anything I am not 100 against. I am, I understand that It’s work and they want the money And also made mihoyo like more From 100 million already because Number of people to roll over, But let’s say an experienced player. I just want to tell you being very good Flour When it comes to spending a mother in this The game, and with these upcoming events, you You’ll get all these characters that You missed, or you have much bigger Chance to get them Anyway. Pay attention to In-game events Try to participate in it. If you are, I play the game as I am every day, And you find yourself kind of Lack of content, then Seasonal events will pay you more Until the correction is 1.1, Which we hope will come out. Well, next month, In two weeks’ time, okay, That’s all I need to say for this: video Pay attention to the in-game event And in the future I expect Be. Mr

Uh prediction, man Be psychological and they will keep it Pay All these characters and, in the end, Make all of them free, They will create new characters, Bring them will be the new ones. The hype thing On the market and all the previous Will be As if you would be able to buy it for such 10. More Yes, but you have to pay attention, Game events And I keep enjoying the game. The main thing is as long as you are having fun. The game is all that matters Anyway, guys. That’S all for this video, if, Like it make sure to give him a thumbs up, You can watch the video there. You can follow the last download there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thanks goodbye, guys,

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