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Genshin Impact Explaining Sangonomiya Kokomi Skill | Genshin Impact By: Skyverlash_YT



Do you want to have a fish waifu that can heal, attack, and constantly apply wet to the enemies while you can freely change your characters?

If that’s exactly what you want, then I’m here to help you understand her mechanics better.


This is the thing that I will cover;

|| Elemental Skill explanation

|| Elemental Burst explanation

|| How to cycle her combo

Video Guide

If you prefer visual guide, you can check this video here.

Elemental Skill Explanation

When you cast “Kurage’s Oath” (the name of Kokomi’s E skill), then you will spawn a jellyfish (Bake Kurage) that will do 2 things:

Attack the enemies

heals you up (based on Kokomi’s max HP)

|| The duration of this skill is 12s.

|| The cooldown of this skill is 20s.

|| The healing interval is every 2s.

When you use this skill, Kokomi will also get wet status. So you can say that this skill will make her wet. (It’s similar to Barbara’s E skill, but instead of everybody got the wet aura, it’s only Kokomi this time).

Extending Bake Kurage Duration

The duration of Bake Kurage (that jellyfish thingy) is supposed to be 12s. But if you used the burst while inside this jellyfish area, you will refresh the jellyfish duration by 12s. This timer won’t stack, meaning you won’t get 24s jellyfish duration, but rather the timer extension will rely on when you will use the burst.

So if you used burst after:

|| 4s after E skill, Bake Kurage duration will be 4s + 12s, which is 16s.

|| 10s after E skill, Bake Kurage duration will be 10s + 12s.

This timer will extend after the burst animation is finished.

Kokomi’s burst animation is around 1.5s.

If you used the burst after 11s, Bake Kurage / that jellyfish won’t get extended because it will be gone before the burst animation finished.

You will see the jellyfish has this “shiny” animation above its head. That’s the indicator where the jellyfish’s timer got extended.

The last thing that I want to mention, you can only spawn 1 jellyfish / only 1 Kurage’s oath.

So if you use E skill, wait for 10s then used the burst, even if you can cast another E skill (because the CD is only 20s), the “old Kurage’s Oath” will disappear, and a new one will appear.

Elemental Burst Explanation

When Kokomi used the burst, she will deal AoE Hydro DMG to the enemies first, and then she will activate her burst phase, which is called “Ceremonial Garment”.

When Kokomi is in this “Ceremonial Garment” phase, you will see that she will wear the hydro garment, just like the picture here. This phase lasts for 10s.

Ceremonial Garment will do these 3 things:

|| Buff Normal attack, Charged attack, and Bake-Kurage (that jellyfish) damage based on her Max HP

|| Normal attack / Charged attack now will heal your entire team (The healing scales on Kokomi’s max HP)

|| Become more resistant to interruption + able to move above water surface

*If you have unlocked Kokomi’s 2nd passive “Song of Pearls”, Ceremonial Garment will do this additional thing:

|| Buff Normal attack and Charged attack based on Kokomi’s 15% Healing Bonus.

Kokomi Combo Cycle Rotation

Kokomi’s role here will be heavily focused as a healer instead of DPS, because she have additional 25% healing bonus passive, but she will get -100% CRIT Rate as a penalty. With that being said, here is some combo cycle rotation pattern that you can use if Kokomi is in your team comp.

Your normal DPS / Sub DPS attack cycle > Kokomi E Skill > Switch back to DPS / Sub DPS > Kokomi Burst (if you need heal) > repeat

The purpose of Kokomi’s E skill here will be useful as an enabler too. For example, if you pair Kokomi with any electro characters, or Xiangling’s burst. This way, the hydro attack from Kokomi’s E skill will always refresh the hydro aura, will helping the other characters to trigger the reaction. That is why after using Kokomi E skill, you then switch back to your DPS or Sub DPS to trigger the reaction or just benefit the healing.


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