Genshin Impact [F2P Guide] How to Auto DPS with Fischl & Xiangling’s Support (includes case study and damage comparison) By: levion689


Hello travelers, in the recent weeks, I’ve been watching many of Genshin videos regarding tips/guide on how to maximize Auto Attack DPS as well as team building. You can find many guides on Youtube but I have found almost none yet discussing this matter. To make matter worse, some even downplayed 3* weapons/artifacts such as Slingshot, which is the bow I used in the video and many players are heavily relying on super high ATT stat with perfect sub-stats (especially the 5* Gladiator sets). I’m going to try my best to keep this short.

NOTE : This is purely for study and comparison purpose, I’m not here to trash talk about anyone’s build as there are no such thing as a wrong build. You play this game which ever way pleases you.

To begin with, you dont need a maxed or perfect 5* artifacts/ weapons or a constellation 6 characters. If you are a player like me who likes to auto attack almost everything with a little use of support, this guide will be the one for you.

Here’s my build and some explanations. I build my Fish with Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Bonus PHY Dmg. In my build ATT % and Attack stat don’t really matter as much, as they don’t provide higher Auto Att DMG as compared to Crits & PHYS Bonus DMG, but you will defnitely lose out on Elemental DMG since Elemental DMG scales with ATT, so keep that in mind.

MELOO’s Dvalin Boss Run : @4:38 onwards

My Dvalin Boss Run :

One thing to note about MELOO’s run vs mine, noticed how much longer MELOO took to stun Stormterror (the white HP bar which boops Dvalin to the ground when depleted). Also to compensate my boss run against his maxed out Fish, I’ve used Qingce Stir Fry buff which adds 194 Att which TBH, isnt that much either when compared to his maxed out everything.

TLDR : Higher ATT does not translate to Higher auto att DPS. Having maxed out 5* artifacts is not necessary as it can be seen in my video.

As promised, this is the stat comparison (image below), that I made. Both MELOO and I fought the same boss of the same level and the results are as below. [I used MELOO’s Fish build as an example here because he had a ridiculously high ATT stat and a maxed out C6 Fish]. Again this is for study, please do not hate on anyone’s build. Mine isnt perfect either can you can see with the 3* Berserker artifact with trash substats.

To conclude this, I hope this gives better insight on which artifacts to upgrade next. And most importantly have fun!

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