Genshin Impact F2p? or low budget spender guide By: xiarakan


So since playing Genshin impact I’ve notice a bit of people who wants to continue in Ar ups but they end up getting stuck or have “nothing to do to rank up”. I will say no matter what there is always something to do to try to get your Ar up. If you plan on playing in the long run and have 5$ to spare i highly advise you buy the monthly blessings in the shop.

Its really cheap and you get a lot of crystals within the month, Bang for you buck type deal. Another thing if you didn’t get a 5* with your free pulls early on and your low Ar like 10-17, and don’t mind restarting over. That’s your chance to Re-Roll and try to get a 5*. When I made my main account i didn’t do this but if your itching for a 5* i highly recommend. The reason being if you have a 5* then any crystals you get in game can be spent on resin. doing more activities that takes resin gives more Ar etc. if you did all refreshes for the day that would give you around 2400 xp give or take. One more thing, don’t ignore chests. they will be the most helpful thing when it comes to exploring and getting xp. Lastly get ALL the oculus. Oculus if you don’t know is the offerings you give the statues. After each level up it will reward you with a good chunk of Ar xp.

That’s pretty much for F2p, the monthly blessings obviously isn’t free and required but if you could get it go for it. Now for the spenders, same concept expect you have more space but still don’t want to drop insane amounts. lets say 30$ to 50$ price range. i will say get the 30$ bundle for the 1980 plus 1980 bonus. and get the 20$ battlepass, the mora and xp books you get for it will be a huge boost for later stages in the game when getting those things seem less and less obtainable. Plus you get 5 resin moons you can use for it without digging into your crystals. So recap, Chests, oculus, refreshes, ReRoll if you need a 5* like an itch. Use all resin. (didn’t mention it but when you unlock commissions make sure to do it everyday.) This may not be neatly made and i might of messed up typing in some areas but i hoped i helped someone if they were struggling on what to do. If you have any questions about builds, or what you should work on for your account just ask.

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