Genshin Impact Farming Ascension Materials Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video, I will show you how to plant Boarding materials Your weapons have the effect of gentian, Thanks for watching the video so far, Remember to give it a thumbs up, Sign up and rang the bell to help The youtube algorithm. Now back to the video, So I was playing this beautiful game non stop. It has already reached Adventure Rank 26. I am now able to reach the second stage From the ascent uh, the second stage From level 40 to 50. So you can see You have already got this gun for level 50.

You got this character for level 50, So The work of the scanner i Barbara stepped up, but I think it’s a weapon. It still needs work Same thing with most of my characters, You leveled it to 50, But weapons are still missing. So, For example, this is uh for this Animo Character. I need this item here. This obnoxious, Uh, mercury, elixir is now one thing You will notice the reason for which I do it. This video. Are you saying that you have these domains Or these sources? They said they are specifically available Days of the week, so what is basically Is that Dungeons have different drops in Every day of the week, So we are interested in this field – Mother of fraud, for example. Today, at Time to shoot this video is

Sunday, I can click this and it will tell me Exactly: where is the dungeon And I’m here already? Let me now quickly show you even if I open up Even [ Music ] Now here it says potential rewards And it changes daily. As you can see, there are different spoils Here on different days of the week, So we are interested in these elements here, So We can only get them from this dungeon Tuesday And watch out for that on Sundays. When seeking after Some boarding material is there, They are certain materials that you can only have On certain days of the week Um. Otherwise you should try and Made it And try to keep it in mind based on Other videos about the chemist, etc.

Um about How to make it like materials You need, and so on, Like you need the green version to work Blue version etc. Can you plant Green versions of the wording, Blue version and the like Something to watch out for This game? Hmm because any game like this is Uphill struggle, So it’s definitely rewarding in the long term. I am doing this now in an unpaid way to win method, So you can, for example, go to Shop and maybe buy some of these Materials. So you can use star dust to buy some of Materials you may need, But I simply wouldn’t going to Use only any glitter that I have In order to try to rotate the characters, Because it’s my only way to rotate, Because I refuse to spend any money In the match, So you can get all the materials in the game From domains. Only What day of the week, do you see what you are Can grind See what you need, Keep it on. I care all the time, And yes, otherwise, just keep Enjoy the game. As much as you can, Anyway, guys – that’s all in this video, if, Like it, make sure to give him a thumbs up, You can watch the videos There is another user uploaded there Or you can click here to subscribe Thanks goodbye guys, I am hungry. Let us chase

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