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Genshin Impact Finally reached ar 40 (f2p) and here’s some tips By: GamingWeeb18

  1. Find all the oculus (anemoculus, geoculus)

It’s a no brainer but is definitely slept on by some people. Upgrading both the geo and anemo statue of the seven is a great increase in stamina, decent rewards and completes some of the requirements in the chapters part of the adventurer handbook (collecting all the geoculus also leads to a quest on cuijue slope). Take note that some of the oculus are tricky and may need a guide or just some roaming around to find (if you pass an oculus but decide to collect all of them later, just mark it for now).

2. Don’t upgrade all 4 characters in your team at the same time

A big mistake simply, When it comes to upgrading heroes and weapons,make sure that you prioritize your main dps and his/her weapon because they’re mostly the ones that going to be out in combat. After upgrading your main dps, that’s when you upgrade your other character/supports.

3. Don’t worry about not having much 5 stars

Everybody wants a 5 star in general but the chances are not that high obviously. I have 20 pages in my wish history and only have venti but that’s enough for me honestly. Through out wishing you may have gotten a 4 star that has a high constellation. Constellations can be a factor that makes a 4 star better than a 5 star in some cases. Make use of that 4 star and either use that character as a main dps or as a support (depends on their role in general) and make a team with it.

4. Never leave your resin capped and don’t waste fragile resin

This one is crucial for people who wants to progress easily. Leaving your resin capped is never good since you’re missing out on possible resin if you didn’t leave it capped leading to some lost chances to get more stuff. For fragile resin, never use it until you get to something like ar 35, 40 or 45 because while it may seem as a good investment to just get more loot early on and get more adventure rank exp, the loot you get in domains and bosses in ar 34 and below gets easily beat by the loot ahead and don’t rush the your adventure rank because you want to really take your sweet time while utilizing it to its best.

5. Upgrade your talents

Talents can easily be missed but when you find this tab while looking at your characters when you press the icon on the top right of the screen, upgrade your talents. Talents can be game changing to some characters but keep in mind that not every single talent should be upgraded for example like my team that consists of razor, xiangling, venti and barbara. For razor I upgrade the attack, elemental skill and elemental burst talent. For xiangling I upgrade her elemental skill and elemental burst because I won’t really need her to do basic attacks. For venti I upgrade the attack, elemental skill and elemental burst, though you only really need to upgrade his skill and burst if you’re doing a elemnatl skill and elemtal burst based venti, I upgrade his attack talent to ditch out some extra damage to things like the ruin hunter’s cores and ruin guard’s core to leave them vulnerable for some time and to deal extra damage to the eye of the storm while waiting for it to just drop down or be reached. And finally for barbara, I only upgrade her skill and burst because the skill when near leaves the wet status and I don’t need to use the basic attacks to apply wet when I have her skill active on someone like my razor who is a melee character.

That’s all the time I have for now but if you have any of your favorite tips that I missed, leave them in the comments and lets help every adventurer out there.


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