Genshin Impact Fischl/Beidou/Barbara Elemental Mastery Stacking Build By: hitmantb



The video obviously uses top end gear, I tried a homeless man’s version of this and finished right before the 90 seconds mark. Why Barbara? She is available in the dating sim in 1.4 and she is the girl we all started the journey with. Don’t you want to take her off the bench? Don’t you want to make her shine?

As it turns out, her normal attack is perfect for triggering electro reactions. In the video she does 6000 a tick electro charged damage. This is damage over time so even when you switch character, the damage goes on!

You can see at level 70 she does 864 a tick, a paltry 300 mastery provides (666 * 300) / (1400 + 300) = 117% more damage. You get 1874 damage a second before resistances. The author uses Sucrose to get 1000 elemental resistance. At level 90 this is over 5000 damage per tick per second!

A more realistic level 80 Barbara with 600 elemental mastery will get you over 3000 damage per second. But that is not all. Barbara is the best character in the game to trigger Fischl talent 2 AND constellation 6. Every second you are adding an extra 2500-3000 electro damage from Fischl! With Beidou in the team, every 5 seconds you are generating energy particle from high voltage elemental resonance, so with say 150% energy recharge, Beidou can ultimate on cooldown.

And she does all of this while taking care of the healer spot. Throw in a Sucrose or Zhongli and you have a great team!


Excellent sustained DPS on top of taking care of the healer spot!

You don’t need to level her talents! Elemental mastery doesn’t care about her skill levels.

You don’t need to farm gear for her! She just needs 2-piece wanderer, and whatever elemental mastery pieces you get from farming gear for other characters!

You don’t even need a great weapon for her. 3-star Magic Guide has 171 elemental mastery at level 80 and is more than enough for her!


You do need to get her high character levels as that is what elemental mastery is based on. Try her at level 70 to get the free pull and see if you like the build.

Good gear and high constellation level on Fischl/Beidou help a lot if you are looking to 9-star Abyss, but you don’t need anywhere near the gear in the video to pass the stage. The author did it in 30 seconds so you have a HUGE amount of head room!

Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

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