Genshin Impact Fischl Showcase Review! Combos, Moves and Talents, 4 Star Character Worth Getting?



Hey how’s everyone doing today, grunty gaming and we’re here to talk about fiscal, the supposedly best four-star character in the game and on the tier list, she’s like ranked second right behind the luke or d luke. Do i agree with this uh? Yes and no, i don’t really use fiscal and mainly for this video i’ve been using a little bit. Does she deserve the credit? Absolutely, but is she like that good? I just don’t see it. It just means that i might not like her play style. Does she add an insane damage, electro put it on team and she realistic to get in a banner pull, especially since she’s a promoted, four-star character right now? Yes, so you can actually unlock her constellations.


I’M gon na level her up a little bit because i’m going to be facing like level 40 enemies because i’m rank 30 now so i’m a little under leveled for this video but whatever i just wanted to demonstrate her moves talk about her talents and just see How she is she else she feels from someone, that’s not really that biased, because she is very strong um i just rather kaching or lisa or even bite, oh or beto bite. Oh, i don’t know i’d rather bite, oh over her too, but she is very good. Like she adds a lot of knickknacks here, so here’s your constellations, even oz, is present in combat. He can still watch over with the raven eyes, so he basically can just do 22 damage um. If you unlock the constellation when knight riders use it deals, an additional 200 percent attack damage ooh area increased by 50 percent, not bad increase. The level of knight rider by three maximum upgrade is 15 pretty standard.


See it’s like every constellation is like the same. They’Re. Always just upgrades to their moves this one with midnight fan printed. Phantom magoria is used, it deals, 220 percent attack electro damage and when it ends, she can regenerate 20 hp increases our level of midnight. Phantom agora by three uh increases the duration of oz’s summoning by two seconds. Additionally, oz attacks with the current character when present dealing 33 of fiscal’s regular damage pretty all good. Now her normal attacks are pretty standard for a bow character, uh five consecutive shots, and then you can charge it only like difference between, like her amber’s, like hers, is an electro charge shot, which is obvious and her plunge attack same thing. She launches down and arrows.


Come with her, i feel like the bow characters, have the coolest plunge attack actually like they’re, ground and pound all right knight rider. So this is when you summon the raven and like every bow user, seems to have like kind of like a claymore. It’S similar to amber’s like bunny, where the odds of someone only oz is a lot better of a claymore he’ll attack. While you do so you’re almost having two characters attacking adding that electro damage paired with a good water character, this can be really really dangerous. Like barbara, and then we have midnight phantom mangoria summons us, spread his twin wings of twilight and defend fiscal. You turn into the raven more or less and then strikes nearby enemies with lightning during electro damage the enemy she comes into contact with once the ability effect ends.


Oz will remain on the battlefield so he’ll, it’s almost like you, have him summoned in knight, raider mode. After this duration is done, um see – maybe i just don’t have her leveled up enough, but i i wasn’t overwhelmed by that move. When fiscal hits oz with a fully charged aim shot. Oz brings down thundering retribution dealing a area of effect, damage 152 percent of the arrow if a character triggers electro related element reaction, when oz is on the field, the enemy shall be stricken with thunder, ring reproduction rep retribution and then, when dispatch on expedition and monsta, It just means that it’ll be 25 quicker, so, okay, you can shoot the bird. I didn’t realize that maybe i need to unlock her a little bit more to do that when i upgrade her, but that might be when i send her.


I haven’t ascended her once yet okay, so she might be more than meets the eye here. So here’s oz now he’ll constantly adding area of effect, electro damage, while you’re even attacking. So you could probably mix that up in almost any team that you build and then you can turn into the raven here and then you’ll stay on the field. So i can see why now people really love fiscal. Why she’s a threat that she is and why she’s ranked so high she can blend on any team? You can actually realistically unlock her constellations. Okay, let’s check out her plunge here. It’S like any other bow character, but it looks pretty badass um, oh yeah, that makes so much sense. You can shoot the bird out. I really want to see what that looks like, but uh, probably not for this video. I want you can actually consider dumping a few levels into i’m gon na send her a couple times. I really want to see what fiscal’s all about, but just for this review she’ll do what she is.


So you can see here that, like with a good water character or even a good elemental reaction like fire, pyro, like oz, can be pretty deadly and i feel like he recharges pretty quickly too. I’Ve noticed that and, like i said, i think, that’s the better of the two ability. I don’t really care to turn into the raven. That much i don’t feel like a dude, does a whole lot, but she is pretty lethal. The more i actually talk about her and the more i play her. I see why people like her so much and she’s actually more of a realistic character to get like. I have kaching, obviously that’s my main electro character and i don’t plan on switching anytime soon but like i can see why fiscal would be a nightmare to deal with, especially on a good well-built team.


She can play the role of support. She can play the role of you know main damage. If you wanted to, i feel like she’s, better support or like secondary damage, but like yeah she can. She can put in the work for sure. I see why people like her would i rank her that high um, probably not she’s, literally ranked like second or third best in the game. I think that’s a little bit much but then again, like i said i’ll, give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe i haven’t used her to her full potential. Obviously – and you know, people swear by this character, yeah she puts in the work but anyways guys just a quick little review to touch on her moves, what she’s all about what she can do and obviously the more you ascend her level up.


Her moves give her good weapons, artifacts she’s, going to be pretty dangerous, as we’ve seen online and she’s definitely a character worth investing in and a realistic one that you can actually pull from the banner so hope this was helpful. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and stay tuned for the next one stay safe out there.

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