Genshin Impact Fish – Easy Fish Bait Guide


Hey its Gamer Heart and welcome back to GenshinImpact. I hope you are doing well and fishing.Even, though the sounds of Lumine and Paimon arestill bothering me, but today we will talk aboutfish bait, so I made a little guide for usto. Remember, which bait works for which fish.But?

If you still dont have the bait recipes, you can get them from the vendor in Mondstandfor, some Medakas. If you can find and fish someMedakas in Mondstadt, they are also in Liyue.So lets start with the baits thereare only 4 baits in the game. For now. First, one is Fruit: Paste Bait, which is usedfor Medakas.

They look a bit like goldfishor betta fish, so I call them goldfish, orjust, pretty fish in my mind to remember, Then we have redrot bait and many fish names. Butthey look all the same. They remind me of pikes
Spin fishing them was a part of my childhood sojust. Try to name them after their looks or whatthey remind you of like pikes or sharp fish.

Next one is the fake worm bait, which is usedfor these angelfish looking fishies in mymind.

They are just triangle, fish, Im, sorry Imsimple. There is no need to overcomplicate things And the last one is fake fly bait which is used for two species of fish, Koi and Pufferfish, even though Koisare a bit snake looking in this gameto, remember, I just say Fluffy for Koiand Puffy, because the bait looks fluffy. Yes, its a bit childish, but it works for meand. I hope you will find what works for you And I hope my video is helpful. So far I likefishing minigame, I cant say its relaxing.

I mostly take off my headphones whileplaying it and how do you feel about it, And this is the video, so let me wishyou luck in fishing wishing and domains. Thanks for watching would be awesome if youleave a like till next time, then and Tschussi

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