Genshin Impact Floor 11 & 12 Tips By: ihv21

r/GenshinImpactTips - Floor 11 & 12 Tips
r/GenshinImpactTips - Floor 11 & 12 Tips

*These teams are still W.I.P so they may not be the most optimized (e.g. should’ve replaced Sucrose with Jean and vice versa on Floor 12 and 11 respectively)

Disclaimer: This is still a guide made on the first day of the new abyss. There might still be some things that need to be polished, clarified, or improved on.

General Team Guidelines for Floor 11:
– Bring a strong healer, preferably someone who can heal the team after casting burst, or just has ridiculous healing (Qiqi, Jean, Barbara, maybe Kokomi if her healing is very strong)
– A strong anemo CC also can work wonders here by reducing clear times because it is a little hard to group enemies together for AoE damage (again because I didn’t bother I did not bring my Sucrose to Floor 11)
– Manage your HP well. Corrosion damage is surprisingly large.
– If you need to, bring a cleanser because enemies here have pyro auras (the DoT one).
– Make sure you take out the one with the Pyro aura as fast as you can.

Chamber 1/2
– Kill the Dendro Samachurl immediately, burning hurts here
– You’ll need a hydro unit to break the Abyss Mage shield to kill it because it has the pyro aura.

Chamber 2/1
– You might also need a hydro unit for the Fatui Marksman but in my case I staggered them with Eula and Jean and/or bursted them down.

Chamber 3/1
– Kill the fatui as fast as possible, especially the cryo mage because she gets really annoying.

General Team Guidelines for Floor 12:
– Floor 12 is another DPS check. Bring your best teams here.
– Anemo CC is quite optional here aside from Chamber 1 first half.

Chamber 1/1
– If you want a faster clear, bring an Anemo CC unit (Kazuha, Sucrose, Venti)

Chamber 1/2
– The specters here are quite annoying, but much easier to hit than in the overworld. Make sure your team here can counter them. I brute-forced them using melt Ganyu.

Chamber 2/2
– I went for the Cryo mage first. The Mirror Maiden just came closer. I’m still not sure how that works. Make sure to dodge and not get frozen because you will lose time.

Chamber 3/1
– 2 Ruin Guards. I started with half-resolve Raiden to recharge Eula’s energy, and then it was smooth sailing because of perfect rotations. Cleared it in about 40 seconds.

Chamber 3/2
– The ultimate DPS check. Fully-buffed melt Ganyu (170K total charged atk damage against weakened state Lego) could only shred 65% of its hp before it went back up. My run could’ve been better if I ran more ER on my supports (due to Bennett and XL’s low ER I only opted to use their bursts on Lego’s weakened state).

My Units:
Hyperinvested DPS
– C0 Ganyu, R1 Amos’ Bow, 4pc Wanderer’s, 51% CR/130% CD
– C0 Eula, R3 Archaic, 4pc Pale Flame, 47.5% CR/181% CD
– C0 Raiden Shogun, R1 Engulfing Lightning, 4pc EoSF, 289% ER, 57% CR/130% CD
Invested Sub DPS/Supports
– C0 Zhongli, R1 Starglitter, 4pc ToTM
– C5 Bennett, R5 Rancour, 4pc Noblesse, 734 Base ATK
– C6 Xiangling, R5 Dragon’s Bane, 4pc CWoF, 42% CR/110% CD
– C0 Jean, R5 Festering Desire, 4pc VV, 48%CR/118% CD
– C2 Diona, R2 Sac. Bow, 4pc Maiden Beloved
– C6 Sucrose, R1 Sac. Fragments, 4pc VV, 474 EM

Constructive criticism will be welcome. I also want to improve my abyss runs to be as chill as possible.

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