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Genshin Impact Four Tips for 36* Spiral Abyss (a.k.a a guide to counter team comps) By: CyberGameplay24


EXCLAIMER: I’m NOT a F2P player, but most people can learn a thing or two in this post.

Hi, I’m CyberGameplay24, and today I’m going to share my experience with the Spiral Abyss. Last banner, I tried to roll for Zhongli but ended up with a zombie instead. I was devastated because I thought that without Zhongli, my comp will not survive the zoo of 12-2. However, I started to learn more, invest more energy into team building, resource management and pure skill, and finally I got my sweet 36*. I want to share my few tips for late game players if they really wanted to finish their Abyss this season.

1. Invest in your Sub DPS more

Out of my 5 AR55 friends, I only saw 2 of them actually putting effort in their sub DPS and support. Most people just upgraded their subs to 60/70, upgrade their talents to 6 and put some half-baked artifacts on them. That’s an okay strategy

only if your main DPS is a hypercarry.

I cannot stress enough how 40-60% of your team’s damage is based on your subs and supports. This is true for all DPS except Xiao and Ganyu (even then, most Ganyu teams also consist of Mona to amplify your damage, and I don’t see any reason to put Mona in level 60). I suggest getting your sub DPS and supports to 70/80, upgrade their main talents to 8 (only the talents which provide the most damage or healing), their weapons to 80/90 or 85/90, and GOOD artifacts on them.

Regards to artifacts, a common mistake that I see many people have is thinking too much about set bonuses. A general rule: Substats > Set Bonuses. If you have a good set of artifacts with correct main stats and good substats, use them, but else, your subs will do better with random good artifacts.

2. Learn the floor (and enemies) before jumping in

One of the most common statements that I cannot agree about is Childe being bad at the current floor 11. On the contrary, I think that Childe is probably one of the best carries at floor 11 right now, due to 11-1 being literally free 3*, 11-2 and 11-3 both have 1 wave of 3-4 medium enemies that can be clumped together. That’s just an example of how knowledge about enemy waves and placements can help you build the best comps for a floor. If a floor has multiple waves? Consider putting more energy recharge or batteries on your characters. If a floor has a large enemy? Consider putting more single-target characters on that floor. For floor knowledge and usage, I would highly consider you to watch Enviosity – he beat 12-3-2 in less than 40 seconds just by exact skill placements to clump all three enemies together.

3. Synergizing teams or counter teams?

I won’t dive into the topic of basic team building here, since you should have a basic knowledge of team-building if you are playing for 36* anyway.

So what are synergizing teams and what are counter teams?

Synergizing teams are teams where you build your characters to get the most DPS out of them. Examples of these teams includes Hu Tao Reverse Melt, Fireworks Childe and Double Geo comps. These comps are the best when getting in ideal situations, even providing as much as 50 or 60 thousands damage per second. The catch? They need to get in ideal situations, with the enemy being just a punching bag. If the enemy can infuse themselves in elements (Fatui Skirmishers or Hydro Mimics), evade your attacks (Cicin and Whopperflowers), or downright negate damage (Abyss Lectors and Heralds), these teams might break apart.

Counter teams are teams where you build your characters to “counter” what’s in the current abyss rotation. Seeing cryo slimes? Put more pyro characters. Seeing electro shields? Bring a Chongyun in. Seeing massive groups of enemies? Try Sucrose, Venti or Anemo MC. Seeing Fatui Agents or Cicin Mages? Jean is the choice for you. By doing this, you don’t do optimal DPS in ideal situations, but you can adapt to your enemy better.

Last Abyss lineup is the time for synergizing teams to shine, because 12-3 is literally a damage test against robotics punchbags. This lineup, however, you need to adapt better, with 12-1 being the only DPS gatekeeper in my opinion. Add more Electro and Cryo characters to 11-3-2. Add more Pyro in 12-3-1. Thinking about counters may actually improve your clearing speed by a lot. Bring counter picks in, then you’ll see massive time reductions as you are prepared for those and only those specific enemies.

4. Abandon Challenge is a great friend

The Spiral Abyss only counts your best run in a chamber. Once you got a 3* in a chamber, you can do as many 0* runs as you like. Therefore, I usually abandon my challenge every time I finish a chamber. As a result, I get in the next chamber with all 8 of my bursts ready. You can even rebuild your team every time you restart a run!

TL;DR: Upgrade your sub DPS, learn the floors, pick counters and reset runs often.

Good luck with your abyss runs! Hope to see many more 36* in the future!

My characters, I don’t have Venti, Hu Tao or Ganyu.

My Floor 12 run. Note how each chamber I used a different comp.


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