Genshin Impact Free Bonus Codes and Items List By: Nadine


by Nadine

Free Bonus Codes

NOTE: Your Adventurer Rank should be 10 and above to claim!

UPDATE: All codes are 100% working. (03/10/2020)

Go here to redeem: for English website for Portuguese website

Paste the code to get 60 Primogen and 10,000 Mora!

GENSHIN0928N ? if you?re playing in America servers

GENSHIN0928E ? if you?re playing in Europe servers

GENSHIN0928A ? if you?re playing in Asia servers

After claiming, open the game and check your mailbox. The bonus will be there!

FREE Blessing of the Welkin Moon

If you haven?t done so already, please go enter the giveaway on the official forums titled ?Caroline?s Adventure Supplies.? The prize is a Blessing of the Welkin Moon, one of the best items in the shop, if not the best right now, and instead of paying 5$ for it, you may win it for free! 10% chance to win, so good luck and have fun travelers!

Link to forum:

FREE 4???? Equipment

Step 1: Go to the Cathedral at Mondstadt

Step 2: Once inside, look for Nun Victoria

Step 3: Talk to her! Pick the second option, then the only option remaining, to get the item.

and then voila! She?ll give you soemthing. EZ 4 star!


Step 1: Go to this location (From the back of the Goddess Statue, walk left until you reach the staircase).

Step 2: You will see a floating diamond, go near the diamond!

Step 3: These glowing circles will then appear in front of you! (minigame eh?)

Step 4: You need to run across the wall, through the glowing circle, keep running around the wall until you reach the far side of the circle.

NOTE: There is a timer for each section so you need to be quick! Also DO NOT FALL OFF the wall, or else you will have to start again!

Step 5: Reach the end and a Luxurious chest will appear nearby!

The chest contains 10 Primogems, 30 Adventure Rank XP, between four and ten Sigils, some Mora, and some random weapons, artifacts, and character XP books! Not bad for simple players like us!

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