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Genshin Impact Free Damage Boost, Ultimate Minmax Guide to Support Team Compositions Pt.1 By: VSLeader


Another guide by me for those who need to know more about team support compositions, how they work, and how to get some free passive damage for your team or group of friends, as always brought with timestamps and quality material to be updated as the community finds, adds, and critiques the information into the most refined form to serve as a solid ground of reliable information 🙂


-use team-friendly artifacts for free PASSIVE damage (so few people take advantage of this MASSIVE advantage, try the instructor and noblesse oblige on 2 supporters at the very least for 20% team damage and 120 bonus elemental mastery for your dps)

-use team friendly resonance for free PASSIVE damage (I’m looking at you, another team 25% damage, 40% if double geo shield + double fire for your dps)

-use team friendly reactions for bonus ACTIVE damage (i.e melt, double damage)

-use team friendly abilities for bonus PASSIVE and ACTIVE damage -use food (not technically supportive composition as it doesnt apply to the full team in co-op and costs resources, but applies if playing solo in a way as team support)

1:00 Elemental Resonance Boost

5:16 Artifact Team Boosting

10:02 Character Active/Passive Team Damage

This is just the tip of the iceberg of course, I still have to rundown some very specific sets I’ve been looking at but are elemental specific, so will be showcasing that (which are some of the artifacts I’m missing) in the next part but that’s all I have time for tonight, cheers^


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