Genshin Impact FULL EULA PREPARATION | Written Guide and Video By: ElibahLang


Video Timestamps Below

1:00​ Ascension materials
1:29​ Hilicurl masks
2:04​ Dandelion seeds
2:25​ Cryo Hypostasis boss (Shivada jade/ Crystalline bloom)
3:12​ Talent level up materials
3:50​ Resistance talent books
4:06​ Azdaha and Dragon lord crowns
4:40​ Crowns of Insight
5:07​ Mora and level up books
6:01​ Conclusion

Here’s the complete guide to what you need if you just wanted to read it :))

Ascension Material List:

18 damaged masks
30 stained masks
36 Ominous masks
168 Dandelion seeds
46 Crystalline bloom
1 Shivada jade silver
9 Shivada jade fragments
9 Shivada jade chunks
6 Shivada jade Gemstones
420,000 mora

Damaged, stained, & ominous Masks
These drop from Hilicurls. Not sure if I actually need to explain this since everyone should know where to find them and should have a fair amount.

-Dandelion Seeds
Dandelion seeds can be harvested with an anemo burst attack but I find using Sucrose the most efficient way to harvest since her left click has no cooldowns to wait for. The seeds can be found all over mondstat with the most notable places being infront of the walls in mondstat and the field inbetween the Stone Gate and Dawn Winery.

-Crystalline Blooms
This is the drop from the new Cryo Hypostasis boss found in Dragonspine. Just defeat the boss and claim the reward which costs 40 original resin and you should get it.

-Shivada Jades
These are the Cryo gemstones that drop from the following bosses: Wolf of the North, Cryo Regisvine, and Cryo Hypostasis. Jade silvers drop at any boss level, Fragments at 40, Chunks at 60, and Gemstones at 75+ as a legendary drop. You can also convert your stones to get higher their ones at the crafting stations in Mondstat, Liyue, and Albedo’s camp in Dragonspine.

Talent Level up Material List:

18 damaged masks
66 stained masks
93 Ominous masks
9 teaching of ‘Resistance’
63 Guide to ‘Resistance’
114 Philosophies of ‘Resistance’
18 Dragon Lord’s Crowns
3 Crown of insight (IF YOU WANNA MAX HER OUT)
4,957,500 Mora

-Damaged, stained, & ominous Masks
These drop from Hilicurls. Not sure if I actually need to explain this since everyone should know where to find them and should have a fair amount.

-Teachings, Guide, and Philosophies of ‘Resistance
This set of talent level up books can be found at the forsaken rift domain in mondstat just below the Windwail Highland teleporter. You can only grind for these books on Tusedays, Saturdays, and Sundays (which is kinda annoying when trying to grind).

-Dragon Lord’s Crown
With the introduction of the Azdaha weekly boss fight, we got 3 new boss drops from it, One of being the Dragon Lord’s Crown. Sadly you dont have a guaranteed chance to get this drop every time you fight the boss since its a 2/3 drop for boss items, which means some weeks, you might not get anything. With the new changes though in this patch, you can claim the reward for only 30 resin if you prioritize the domain weekly.

-Crown of Insight
Currently there are 5 crowns in total, 4 from limited time events and the 1 permanent one from Dragonspine’s Frostbearing Tree. You use these to fully max her talents at the end of leveling up her talents fully.

If you plan to fully max Eula out when she gets dropped, keep in mind that you’re gonna need a whole lot of Mora. Her talent level up alone costs 4,957,500 mora and her ascension costs 420,000 mora. If you’re broke, I suggest grinding out the Blossom of Wealth Ley Lines (gold ones) and get the battle pass since the battle pass also gives you a whole lot of level up books and mora.

I hope this was helpful to everyone who was wondering what to grind out for Eula and prep for! I also mention in the video that while Eula isn’t out, you should grind for the Pale Flame artifact set and get a good weapon for her prepared as well if you don’t plan on getting and maxing out Song of Broken Pines (Her claymore). Please check out my video as well where I cover this, I plan to make a Eula guide later too! :))

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