Genshin Impact Get Everything For Free Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hello guys and welcome to this video, I will explain what I have Capable of achievement in Jinshin Impact, while spending Zero dollars zero Thanks for watching the video so far, Remember to give it a thumbs up Subscription The bell rang for help Youtube album So back to The older sister video So far I haven’t spent any money on Anything.

I also noticed a lot of people. Some cases spend hundreds of others. People spend thousands of dollars Roll on their personalities. So let me Show you what characters you are Able to open Free. So I got Barbara got a blade. I have Shaolin, I mean some of these Kind of content, almost the same as it takes Little effort to get them. I got it right away. Then me, I got Ah Noel Lisa. I’Ve just got Oh chef queen. You are sad for Banqueo Pronounce her name, But she is a five-star character and after that I got official and got it already Formal so many times that it is Four of the towers have been opened, And I got this guy too Mother. So there is still no sign of a mother, It should only be venti.

Yes, You have managed to make hell A lot and what i do too Did you just play a game. I was exploring I’ve been doing all the story missions. My equipment has been improved. You are also out on the world map And I got all the animopolius. Then I got everyone, deocolus, etc. You did a hell of a job Lots In the game. So the idea is from this video Is to say You don’t have to spend any money And you can still get A great deal of play, but me Able to play this game for hours Every day since her exit For more than a week. I managed Play this game as if it were Two weeks now So uh for those of you who wonder If you are watching this video. If you need to spend any money, you can Get it at absolute zero spending, Lazelish and um.

You can see too, If I go here, you see that I don’t own it Battle Pass. I didn’t buy anything at all. So it’s up to you guys, as you do Approached a match like This. I personally do not really intend To spend any money on the game. Maybe later. Maybe if you get a bachelor’s degree Level to Like 40 plus or something I probably will Buy a Battle Pass and that Whether it is so, If I’m going to buy anything I’ll, get it Uh Five dollars, because she will give you Equivalent To uh 3000 initial Gems for five dollars Compared to a mother, if you were It just might cost you 3,000 Pirate Gems, Three four times more. So I guess that is The best possible deal. Is this blessing

Welcome moon and you can renew it Up to 90 days, But this is the basis for that. I was Capable of achieving a lot of hell. I have achieved many milestones, the match. I did not try to grow it or Anything, but I have 93 achievements. I’M midway now to 36 and feel As it is now 36 is more than the content cap at Moment, because There is no task left. I have done like Every mission has a story and everything Available, Except for ordering the store that open At the age of 36. So once I get that and I’m done that Then I’ll feel like I’ve run out of it Content. Now that I have seen, is there Some players who died? They are hundreds of thousands of dollars Now drive around Already ranked 40 and etc.

And Get to know each one wrong. You know both Someone who has his own way Play the game and so on, but me Spend all this money personally on A game like this. It’S like buying a movie, Ok uh then pay a lot of money To fast-forward and see the credits. Only. I don’t see Any point of it whatever Make me personally, don’t mind, No meaning at all. I’M going to the match. I get no characters, Then I’ll, be very proud of that. I will be very happy Because I will know that I have. I did it all by myself.

So, as I say you guys, I’m still playing this Game every day. I am divorced. You love him. We’Ve heard that the 1.1 correction might be Coming Once the month of November, and so on A month from now. This does not mean that I will be Play this game constantly. All One day, if I ran out of content, Wouldn’t grind for grinding, But I really enjoy it Mother Every day, when I get an extra biogem, I am Try to unlock To get venti and if you got Venti Great, if I don’t do anything, I’m not Spend Any money Well, like I said: if you watch this video You’re curious about what you can accomplish In the game, spend zero dollars. You can accomplish most of the match, if Not nearly all of them.

Also. The last thing I will do Say about five-star weapons. Now there was a question: Bring it as long as you can get Five-star weapons, if you never roll them or You Roll For Free, Just How You Can Get that The main ways to get it are if You are rolling with Gemstones on any of The second Tab or this is the permanent tab And you have a chance to get five Star weapon And, as I said, you can have all 160 gems Free roll. Also, once you hit 40, Then they’ll basically start reliable Falling from different parts of the match. So um, you know 40 or 40 veteran, It might seem far fetched, But believe me, I just played Match like what a week or two weeks A few hours a day. I am already paying about 36 And uh.

The reason to pay to win Players can reach much further Forward Because they are able to spend money To do a lot more domains and do Farm heads so much more. And so because You can pay extra tons While when you do it for free there. Just so much that you can do daily, But yeah I’ll wait a few days I’ll wait. I saved myself hundreds of dollars As simple as I said, let me know Check out these comments below. How do you play the game? No money was spent Proverbs.

Are you trying to avoid spending Any money Like the video on my other channel, I explained why Paying to win can be very costly Which Dangerous thing to obsess over. It is best avoided. Well, if you spend any money on this, the match Either would be a battle pass Or those five dollars. Everything Hello, Moon Daily. You wouldn’t spend any money, otherwise So uh! Yes, as I said, tell me In those comments below are what Your strength from this Anyway. Guys, that’s all in this video if Liked be sure to give it a try, Excellent! You can watch a random video There download the questions there Or you can click here to subscribe.

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