Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Tutorial Guide (Beginner)


Hey guys and hello to this video I’ll explain How does the slide challenge work in the Genshin Impact, Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it and just call the number Doorbell to help youtube algorithm? It’S now back in video, so paragliding event launched today, Depending on the recording in this video. What you can do is go to Go to the Events tab to the paragliding challenge, as mentioned in the paragliding challenge, that travelers can place Glide skills for testing. In a total of seven different, paragliding laps during Event, A

A new sled course will be opened every day, and the final result of a particular course will be determined, Depending on the time spent completing the course and the number of badges collected on the way. The more you collect the better, the better everything is, so the rewards will be Determined by the final score achieved at the end of the challenge, so you have to return to it Every day. I don’t think it will take long now where it falls uh. When you click Go to the navigation system, it will tell you to come here at time

. Let’S have a look and Let’s see what the first thing is. Let’S talk, Hughes, that’s a good place to boot, Take off from a convenient spot, of course. Well, I spent more time looking The ways to use my winged glider are more than I have at the Guild Fair enough, so there’s a little more Storyline, But is that simple, so activate the mechanism to start the paragliding challenge That we stand right next to during Clydey challenges you can use the ascension skill While flying using this skill will make you fly a certain distance upwards. During Slide challenges, you can collect particles in the air to charge its ability to the enemy Once the ability is fully charged.

You can use the enemy’s ability to stay in the air. You can stop at a maximum of 2 full charges at a time. Okay, so we’ll give it a try. Okay, so we need to collect five badges. So at any time you can abandon the challenge. If you are not satisfied with the result obtained Well, I feel like I need to collect absolutely everything. Okay, that’s two! Well! I want to make sure I’m the right length, Oh my God, but they said anytime. If you are too low, you can press e To return to the correct height, Give us another one O, my God. I failed that. No one did. I guess it’s not as simple as it sounds. I might have to practice to get such a perfect run. I guess, as long as you collect all the badges, We do it on time For the entire minute and a half remaining. I got 30,000 points.

So I can challenge again if I want to improve my time, for example, So maybe I’ll do that to try to get a better result over time, but for now, let’s close that Now, let’s go to the event to see what our potential rewards are. So, let’s get into the details: Okay, okay, okay, 30,000 pips – is what we really want to aim for. What do you want to get the best rewards, so 30,000 got gold. So let me I claim my rewards are good, so at least they tell you what to target in terms of The result is pretty good. So yeah, that’s a good thing.

So when you see the exclamation points it isn’t Disappeared, it means that there is one more thing that you claim to be for Bronze. You get the first 60 Gems Or silver. You get uh mawra and a talent book or two cities, and then you get gold, More gold, more Mora and some Hero IQ to improve your character’s experience. So yeah I’ll make sure to do it every day and say if you’re gay Just try and make sure you get at least the gold, as it tells you how many points you get each day Uh to get all the rewards uh. If you want to get the maximum points as your privilege, But at the moment I’m just trying to get gold – and I think that’s the way I’m going to stick So this is the streamlined challenge. Let me know in the comments below what you think of uh.

This kind of event, I think, is a great job in the game dynamic. It will be an amazing challenge to do every day, but it will not last forever and it will only last for Like what we see about a week. So he says here the time remaining is nine days 13 hours so yeah Anyway. That’S it for this video, if you like it, make sure to give it a thumbs up Up. If you see a random video with a question, the last upload was there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you guys.

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