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[Guide] Best Fischl Builds

Fischl was one of my first 4-stars and has been a really good asset to my party. I wanted to write a guide for her because she can currently be obtained through the latest event!

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Support DPS

This build prioritizes Fischl’s ability to trigger elemental reactions with her skills. Her elemental skill & burst are great skills for dealing Electro DMG. I recommend maxing these skills out before focusing on her normal attack. For her recommended teammates, she is pretty versatile in who she can pair up with. The main point is to pair her with a party members unit that can utilize her elemental reactions. Having another electro unit like Beidou or Razor will also generate an elemental particle every 5 seconds once an electro reaction occurs.

For her recommend weapon, the Skyward Harp increases Fischl’s CRIT DMG and will have a chance to deal a small AoE blast. Its secondary effect is CRIT Rate, which will boost her overall damage output. Go for this weapon if you want a more CRIT Build for Fischl. This weapon is harder to obtain because of the low 5-star drop rates.

The Stringless is another good choice and works great with her skillset. This weapon will increase both her elemental skill & burst by 48% if you have it at maxed refinement level. I prefer The Stringless over the Skyward Harp for this build, because its ability fits in with Fischl’s electro skills. If you want to focus more on damage, go for the harp, but go for The Stringless if you want to strengthen her Electro DMG. The Skyward Harp will also have overall better stats because it is a 5-star weapon.

Other options include The Viridescent Hunt, Sacrificial Bow, and Favonius Warbow. The Viridescent Hunt requires access to the battle pass, but is a solid choice overall. It will generate a cyclone that will deal damage based on Fischl’s ATK. The Sacrificial Bow will allow Fischl to reset her elemental skill cooldown after damaging an enemy with her elemental skill. Lastly, the Favonius Warbow can be used due to its energy recharge secondary stat.

In the early game, the Recurve Bow is a good choice to use if you don’t have access to a better weapon. Defeating an enemy will restore Fischl’s health by 8%-16%, depending on the refinement level.

For her artifact set, the Thundering Fury is the best choice for Fischl. It will increase her Electro DMG by 15% and increase the damage from her reactions. This pairs nicely with Fischl’s ability to trigger elemental reactions with Oz the Raven. You can also use a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige if you plan on using her Elemental Burst often. A 4-piece Noblesse Oblige would also work if you want to give your main DPS unit an attack boost. The main stats to focus on are her ATK% and Electro DMG. This will overall increase how much damage is dealt by Fischl and Oz. You will also want to focus on energy recharge so you can use her burst more often. Elemental Mastery will also work to increase her reaction damage.

Crit Build

Another option you have for Fischl is a CRIT Build that relies more on damage than elemental reactions. This build is a mix between Fischl’s amazing elemental attacks and adds in physical damage to make her a mixed attack unit. Both her normal attack and elemental skill should be maxed out. Fischl will deal out physical attacks, while Oz will throw in Electro DMG. These attacks will also have a high CRIT Rate to deal even more damage.

Her recommended weapon is the Skyward Harp because of its CRIT Rate bonus and will deal increased CRIT DMG. The small AoE blast will also deal damage to surrounding enemies. This weapon is great for increasing Fischl’s overall DPS. You can also use another 5-star weapon called the Amos’ Bow. Instead of CRIT Rate, this weapon will increase Fischl’s attack for a more DPS-centered build.

The Rust is another great option because of its ability to increase Fischl’s normal attack damage. Fischl won’t be using her aimed shot as much, so the drawback of the Rust is minimized. It’s secondary stat boosting ATK will also pair nicely with Fischl’s ATK% Bonus from her ascension level.

Another option is the Alley Hunter. This weapon will increase Fischl’s attack every 4 seconds, for up to 5 stacks. This scales nicely with refinement levels and can boost her attack and CRIT DMG by 8% every 4 seconds. However, Fischl will want to avoid getting hit because the effect will reset if she takes damage.

The Compound Bow works similarly to the Rust on a smaller scale. It increases her normal attack and attack speed. This weapon can also be forged so it is easily accessible.

For her artifact set, I recommend using a mix of the Thundering Fury and Gladiator’s Finale set. This will boost both her Electro DMG and overall ATK. You can also switch the Gladiator’s Finale set for a 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry to increase her physical attack by 25%. I prefer the Gladiator’s Finale set because it increases her ATK, which scales with some of her skills. The stats you should focus on are CRIT Rate%, ATK%, and CRIT DMG%. This will ensure you have more chances of hitting a critical hit. You can also choose to focus on Electro DMG to deal more damage with Oz. Energy Recharge is another good option if you want to use her elemental burst faster.

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